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VirtualPBX Launches NEW Business Phone Plans

VirtualPBX, an award-winning business VoIP service provider, announced some exciting changes to its 2022 Business Phone Plans. In a focused effort to consistently deliver innovative customer experiences, the phone system developer now offers an updated business phone lineup – VirtualPBX Flex and VirtualPBX Pro. CEO and Chairman Paul Hammond shared what inspired this new direction to replace existing plans.

“We take great pride in our service and support for our customer’s trust. As a direct result, their needs and values have always been first and foremost our priority since we started over 20 years ago.

These past couple of years have provided an opportunity to deliver the right solutions that match the changing landscape of business communications today and tomorrow in a post-pandemic world. With these new business phone plans, we made a point to listen and supply our customers with a more straightforward way of transitioning their business to the next level of success.”

What’s Included?

The Flex and Pro Plan takes customers through a straightforward self-service sign-up process, creating a more streamlined experience for the user. The entry-level Flex Plan is still the perfect product for hybrid workers or entrepreneurs, now adding better-than-basic features, including SMS, Video, Ring Groups, and Call Recording with 250 GB of storage and more.

A step up from Flex is the Pro Plan, a perfect option for most businesses needing advanced department insights. Features on Pro will include multiple Auto-Attendants, ACD Queues Pro, Microsoft Teams Integration, API Access, Hot Desking, Advanced Call Reports, and 1,000 Toll-Free Minutes. As a bonus, Pro Plan now comes with 1TB of Call Recording storage – the most of any previous VirtualPBX plan.

Custom and CRM Plans

Enterprises looking to upgrade from Pro will have VirtualPBX Custom and CRM Plans. These business phone plans will not include free trials or self-service sign-up. But instead, it will direct prospective customers to a dedicated Sales Team for a more personal touch to deliver on specific deliverables. The Custom Plan includes advanced features like Dynamic Caller ID, DISA, SIP Trunks, Custom Call Flows, Auto-Route, Select Route, Auto Forward, 2,500 Toll-Free Minutes, on top of everything in the Pro package. CRM Plan consists of Salesforce CRM Integration and 5,000 Toll-Free Minutes, and both plans will include 2TB of Call Recording storage.

VirtualPBX’s popular Call Recording feature will be a staple for all the new 2022 plans.

Free Trials Are Back

Free TrialFREE trial offers are back with the Flex and Pro Plan! This 14-day benefit will be available for customers who utilize the self-service sign-up and begins automatically on the first day. There are no restrictions on features or minutes during the trial period of their chosen plan. After the trial period, the customer can expect to be billed per the product plan selected.

Dedication to Support

These new plans have been created after a close examination of how VirtualPBX customers use their service. Of those conversations, the points that struck a chord came from new customers who had recently changed service from other providers. The most standout point? Support. While VirtualPBX has many competitors in the VoIP market, fewer and fewer offer substantial support to their customer base. After over 20 years in business, VirtualPBX shows no signs of changing course. Personalized account configuration and optimization, weekly webinar training sessions, and 24/7 support are still offered to ALL customers, regardless of their size.

About VirtualPBX

VirtualPBX develops a powerful, affordable VoIP Phone System for businesses of all sizes. Enjoy professional features like Auto Attendant, Ring Groups, Zapier Integration, and full-featured WebPhone with every plan. Upgrade to Video Calling, Business SMS, Call Recording, AWS External Storage, and more as needed. VirtualPBX supports office phones and personal devices in all its phone plan features. Award-winning SIP Trunking and networking services are also available from this San Jose-based business with more than 20 years of market experience.

VirtualPBX Contact:
Rachel Anderson, Chief Marketing Officer
888.825.0800 Ext. 339
Rachel.Anderson [at]

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