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Company Heats Up and Increases Outbound Calls with Virtual PBX Complete

Press Release

sauna works transitions to voip with virtual pbx

Company Heats Up and Increases Outbound Calls with Virtual PBX Complete

SAN JOSE, CALIF. (July 12, 2011) – For the employees of Sauna Works, a company specializing in infrared saunas, customer satisfaction is the No. 1 priority. The focus on customer service drove the company’s move to Virtual PBX five years ago to allow employees to stay in constant touch with customers through landline, mobile and VoIP phones.

Sauna Works has been in the business of manufacturing and selling infrared saunas for over 14 years. In 2006, the company was managing a showroom in San Francisco and had numerous employees working remotely. Vice President Andy Kaps knew the only way to closely monitor sales and service calls was to turn to a PBX solution.

“As a former executive at a company within in the telecommunications field, I knew we needed a solution that would provide us with ACD queuing features which allowed us to stay connected with users no matter where we are,” said Kaps. “I was initially attracted to Virtual PBX because of its deep feature set and the Web-based flexibility the company provides.”

With Virtual PBX’s TrueACD™, callers are able to contact anyone in a company without having to know their direct extension. Since TrueACDTM queues include presence management and employees log themselves in and out as needed, managers don’t need to spend time entering or changing phone numbers as employee shifts change. Meanwhile, customer service is improved by reducing customer wait times and increasing customer satisfaction.

After the release of Virtual PBX’s new VoIP system, Virtual PBX Complete, 70 percent of Sauna Works’ employees using Virtual PBX have made the transition to VoIP. By using VoIP extensions, employees have been able to double the number of outbound calls made to clients while reducing overall phone costs significantly.

Virtual PBX’s Virtual PBX Complete solution blends traditional analog telephony with VoIP technology, allowing clients to mix and match as needed for each individual employee. Virtual PBX Complete also embraces open standards, which spares customers from being locked in to proprietary technologies.

“A majority of our customers are looking for a flexible solution,” said Greg Brashier, COO of Virtual PBX. “With our commitment to both VoIP and analog technologies, we give customers like Sauna Works the ability to have low upfront costs, eliminate expensive analog phones lines when VoIP is appropriate, and improve service to their clients.”

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Virtual PBX believes you never get a second chance to make a good first impression – especially when it comes to serving your customers. Our hosted PBX phone service gives small and growing businesses a professional, fully automated call answering and routing solution that can be up and running in a matter of minutes. Forget the hassles and costs of buying and maintaining your own PBX hardware. With Virtual PBX, your employees, whether in one location or far-flung, can focus on serving your customers while we provide the advanced features and responsiveness that give you a competitive edge. We also offer a backup phone service to ensure your business stays up and running should disaster strike. For more information on how your business can benefit from our innovation and passionate commitment to great customer service, visit us on the Web at

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