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VirtualPBX Features 1st Classic Transportation in Case Study Video

1st Classic Transportation Tells How It Weathered the Pandemic While Lowering Its Expenses

Business phone system developer VirtualPBX recently completed a video feature of one of its newest customers, 1st Classic Transportation, where owner Chris Fagbolu talks about his limousine service and how his staff have made it through the COVID-19 pandemic with the help of a new virtual phone plan.

In the middle of 2020 where lockdown measures were active in California, Fagbolu began looking for a new phone service for his company. He and his drivers needed to save money, gain the ability to work remotely, and find the ability to expand through new features like text messaging. Ultimately he chose the VirtualPBX Advanced Plan, and he has been thrilled with the service since Day 1.

“The Most Important Reason Why We Chose VirtualPBX…”

Fagbolu has talked many times about the potential that our Business SMS feature offers his staff.

“The most important reason why we chose VirtualPBX,” Fagbolu said in his interview for our video, “I always keep going back to their texting.”

“Customers that arrive at the airport can text us immediately,” he continued, and noted that this feature works primarily for them through the VirtualPBX Mobile Softphone. The VirtualPBX Softphone helps many customers, including 1st Classic Transportation, complete business calls and text on their personal smartphones, all while keeping their personal and business communications separate.

For 1st Classic Transportation, it has also helped Fagbolu and his staff work from multiple locations. They have made it through the toughest times of the COVID-19 pandemic by adjusting their workplace habits and using their new phone features as an advantage.

VirtualPBX Softphone Video and Texting Example

“The Pandemic Has Hit Us Really Hard”

Of course, the transportation industry was one of the hardest hit by COVID-related restrictions because people have been afraid to travel and, at times, have been restricted in their ability to resume normal travel practices.

It has been encumbent upon all members of 1st Classic Transportation to find a way through public discomfort and mandated travel restrictions. In part, this has meant cutting expenses.

“Being in the transportation industry, the pandemic has hit us really hard,” Fagbolu continued in his video testimonial. “With VirtualPBX, it enables us, when you stay at home, to answer calls. And it has cut down our expenses.”

In the meantime of adapting to new norms, the staff of 1st Classic Transportation also intend to use their new-found savings and phone system features to improve business operations when society returns to a more normal state of function.

“What we’re doing with the lockdown in place,” Fagbolu said, “we realize we can do that when we come back after COVID.”

This recognition shows that Fagbolu is ready to stay with VirtualPBX through the coming months and years as his transportation agency conquers new challenges.

1st Classic Transportation Website Screenshot

“They Are Always There to Answer Us”

VirtualPBX is ready to help 1st Classic Transportation in any way it needs.

At present, this means assisting Fagbolu with any technical matters related to day-to-day business functions. VirtualPBX 24-hour customer support is also a way that VirtualPBX sets its business model apart from competitors.

Fagbolu can also be heard in the video speaking about this issue:

“They are always there to answer us. [It’s a service] which other phone company providers do not have.”

1st Classic Transportation will have the opportunity to grow with VirtualPBX as new features and plan functions are rolled out. The VirtualPBX Product Roadmap shows all developments in progress, and beta tests as part of those developments are available to customers that wish to participate.

VirtualPBX is excited to continue working with 1st Classic Transportation and having the opportunity to feature it in video. Its thanks go out to Chris Fagbolu and all the staff at 1st Classic Transportation who made the video shoot possible.

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