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VirtualPBX doesn’t believe in settling for second best. From our first days developing the core technology that launched the commercial VoIP industry, we’ve been at the forefront of advanced telecommunications technology.

Since then we haven’t slowed down one bit. We’ve kept ourselves busy with new projects and want to let you see a little bit of what we’ve been working on. Sign up for VirtualPBX newsletters to be among the first to see! 

Some of this you’ve been asking for and some of it, like Steve Jobs said, you didn’t even know you wanted yet.

small business phone system

Current Beta Tests and Feedback

Don’t be afraid to get involved with early access to features through our Beta Testing programs! We frequently run beta tests in order to see how new features perform in real world scenarios and to get feedback from our most valued audience – our customers. Check out our list of current beta tests to see what we’re testing and how to participate.

Another one of our core principals is that customer issues transcend all others. If you have feedback on your current system or are looking for a new feature or functionality – we want to hear about it! Simply give us a call at 888.825.0800, email, or reach on on social media via Twitter or Facebook and you could influence our next product rollout.