Left-Handed Phones

Introducing Left-Handed Phones from VirtualPBX!

Tired of wasting thousands of dollars on “cutting edge” technology products that claim to have all your needs covered but just leave you hanging? Tired of countless trips to the emergency room as a result of avoidable injuries from using the wrong equipment at work? Say goodbye to these situations and say hello to the only phone that’s right for lefties. All-new Left-Handed Phones from VirtualPBX are the pinnacle of user-centricity in product design. But don’t just take our word for it, let some of our satisfied customers speak for these Left-Handed Phone options themselves.

Shop Left-Handed Phones Now!

Reach into your front left pocket right now and dig out your wallet. These Left-Handed Phones from VirtualPBX are going fast and won’t last long! We have the latest in telecommunications technology and have partnered with the hottest brands to develop the pioneering new technology behind these groundbreaking new phones.

Initial stock of all left-handed phones will be limited to the first day of the fourth month of each year, heretofore known at the first of April, heretofore known as April Fool’s Day, heretofore known as one of our favorite days of the year. VirtualPBX.com, INC. is not affiliated with any military members from the French revolution nor does it condone any violence but it does believe that Waterloo is a funny name for a battle site. VirtualPBX is not responsible for any injuries, damages, or loss of property due to the improper use of right-handed phones by left-handed people, left-handed phones by right-handed people, or ambidextrous phones which do not exist and represent a simply preposterous notion for the future of technology. Misters Pacquiao, Hendrix, da Vinci, and Bonaparte are all non-paid, non-real, non-compensated fictitious machinations of an overly ambitious Marketing Department. The actually left-handed Ms. Winfrey is, however, entirely real, adequately compensated, and more precious than a lovely sunset over the Pacific Ocean. Unfortunately, though, Ms. Winfrey is not an actual VirtualPBX customer but we would happily provide a cadre of telephones and telephone accessories designed for left, right, or any other handedness that she so chose. Happy April Fool’s Day.