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How It Works

We get many questions about hosted PBX, mainly how it works, so we’ve gone ahead and broken down the process.

Receiving Calls

VirtualPBX How It Works


Callers dial your company’s phone number
You can keep your existing number or get a new one from
Local, toll-free, and international numbers are
all available from VirtualPBX. You can have multiple numbers, and use a different
greeting on each one.



Callers are greeted by a custom auto-attendant
The greeting usually includes menu options for dialing departments and/or individuals. You can also have one of your employees answer as a live operator. Greetings and system operation can be scheduled to match your business hours.

How Does VoIP Work

VirtualPBX manages call routing through your company.
Callers select the person or department they want to reach VirtualPBX routes the call to the selected person or group. Sophisticated queuing options reduce hold times and improve efficiency.



Employees can work anywhere.
Calls can go to any kind of phone, in any location in the world. Use a VoIP phone system to stop paying for expensive land lines and get more features Voice and fax messages are available online or as email attachments to your inbox.


Making Calls



Using a VirtualPBX VoIP Phone

Just pick up the VoIP phone and dial.
No long-distance charges.
Direct dial extension-to-extension.