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Construction Companies Rely on VoIP Communications

Bring Cost-Effective, Efficient Communications To Your Job

We don’t just provide you with the tools you need for effective business communication, both on and off your job site, we back you up with a support team that is available 24/7 to assist you with your VoIP phone service.

Get started today by filling out the form for a free consultation and quote! A VoIP expert will be in touch shortly to discuss suggestions for your construction business, timeline, and your unique needs. 

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Implementing Construction Software Into Your Communications

Construction software is the backbone of your construction business in order to keep you connected to your team and clients on the field. This is where VirtualPBX comes in. While your team hunts for the best construction software, don’t forget about one of the most important pieces of a construction business – your phone system.
Integrations and Automation Options

The Best Construction Software: VirtualPBX Business VoIP

Switching to VoIP from a traditional telephone system can save a company anywhere from 40-80% on their monthly phone bill and allow you to link any device you choose to your business phone plan.

  • Softphone App: Allows communication on your smartphone, desktop, or tablet.
  • Web Phone: FREE on Chrome, Firefox, and Opera desktop browsers.
  • Call Forwarding: Have calls forwarded to your chosen device.

Customer Benefits For Your Construction Company

A construction business has unique needs for their business communication services – both on and off site! Here are just a few features you’d enjoy as a VirtualPBX customer.
  • Replaces the outdated copper wire phone system at your office.
  • Connects to all of your team’s mobile devices.
  • Finds team members anywhere they’re working.
  • Maintains all of the advanced features of your office phone at nearly half the price.
Business text Messaging App

VirtualText App

Powerful Texting App for Businesses

The VirtualText App brings the ease, convenience, and increased engagement of texting into your business. Send out appointment reminders, confirm orders, and manage curbside delivery right from your main business number with this business phone app.