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Political Call Center

The Campaign Headquarters Business Phone Solution

The last thing you need to be concerned with are technical requirements surrounding the deployment of your new political call center. Your energy should be focused on the campaign trail! Our highly experienced team can have your system up and running in a matter of minutes – and when your campaign is over, we can even help you close up shop. It’s that easy.

Want to learn more? Get started by scheduling a Free Demo! A VoIP Specialist will be in touch shortly to discuss your needs and suggest compelling solutions.

political call center

Give Your Political Campaign the Perfect Communications Solution

VirtualPBX has know-how and experience to provide you with a turn-key temporary telecommunication solution for your political campaign. Our political call center solutions are scalable and fault-tolerant to support high call volumes, so you can focus on what is important without having to worry about your phones being able to support high call volumes.

Let us show you the transformative impact VirtualPBX can have on your contact center efficiency and customer satisfaction with a free demo! We’ll cover Live Dashboards, custom queue options, Call Tagging, and more, followed by a quote for your business.

Turn-Key Solutions and High Performance Features For Your Political Call Center

During the 2012 election season, VirtualPBX’s political call centers proved to be extremely effective for the Voter Protection Hotlines, delivering over 500,000 minutes and nearly 350,000 calls for the states supported. Not only was VirtualPBX able to distribute and route these calls equally to volunteers who were geographically dispersed, but it was also the most cost-effective solution. Below are just a few of the features a political campaign would enjoy:

  • ACD Queues Pro: Route your callers to a specific extension or department, for example, specific queues for accepting donations or fielding media requests.
  • Live Monitoring: Rally your team around live metrics and let supervisors check in on call volume and agent availability. Supervisors can even listen in on calls or enter calls as a live participant for training purposes.
  • Device Compatibility: Allow your political call center team members and volunteers the availability to work from their desired device, like their smartphone, desk phone, or laptop.
  • Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS) – Give voters and supporters different, dedicated numbers to address their specific inquiries appropriately, like 1-800-TX-VOTES.
  • Ring Groups – let agents log into any VoIP phone and start taking calls.

Political Call Center Customer Benefits

VirtualPBX is so much more than a state-of-the-art business communications tool. It is a community of businesses working to reach their ideal target. Take a look at some of the benefits all our customers use:

  • Plug and Play Hardware: Purchase VoIP phones, routers, headsets, conference phones, and/or switches – we can provide it and configure it to meet your needs.
  • Bandwidth: Our initial site survey and scope of your team will give us the metrics we need to ensure there is adequate bandwidth to support the volume of calls you expect.
  • Implementation Services: VirtualPBX has highly experienced resources available both remote and on site to meet your needs. Our team will have your political call center up and running in a matter of a few hours.
Political Call Center Solutions