Text Numbers

Start Texting on a New Business phone Number

Already have a business number you want to text from? You can enable text messaging on your number when you switch to VirtualPBX – we’ll even help you transfer your number to us for free!

We also have a database of thousands of available local and toll-free numbers to choose from. 

What Capabilities Do Text Numbers Have?

Text Numbers can be used with our popular VirtualText App and come with a powerful set of capabilities for professional business texting on local or toll-free numbers. Store Canned Responses for your customers most frequently asked questions. You can even power these Canned Responses with an Auto-Reply Keyword – great for workflows like curbside pickup, allowing your customers to simply text, “HERE” when they’ve arrived. For even faster service, utilize QR Codes for Auto-Replies – these work great for sales team business cards or signage.

All of these features and more can be shared by your users. Plus, the VirtualText App is available on both desktop as well as mobile, so you can keep in touch with your customers and internal teams in the office or on the go! Marketing and mass-texting features are not available at this time and industry fair use regulation applies.

Get a Text Number for your Business from VirtualPBX

Not yet a VirtualPBX customer? Sign up for our award-winning business texting and voice services using the plans tables below! After sign up, we’ll direct you to register your business for using SMS, an industry-wide regulatory requirement we’ve made much easier to manage for a one time $20 fee. Already a customer? We knew there was something extra special about you! If you’re looking for how to get a text number for your business, give us a call or reach out to your customer service representative and they’ll be happy to help add new text numbers to your plan which you can easily manage in your dashboard.