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Multi-Level Auto Attendants

Need to shorten your customers hold time? Multi-Level Auto Attendants get callers where they need to go – fast.

This is a perfect option for larger companies with many departments and are trying to save costs by not having a dedicated receptionist as well as those who prefer the human gatekeeper. This tool lets companies choose how each call is routed under any circumstances. Inspired by our original Auto Attendant, Multi-Level Auto Attendants allows customers to reach multiple departments to make sure they are both talking to the right person and also avoiding a longer wait time to reach an operator. Find out why VirtualPBX is considered to be the best auto attendant phone system (also known as an automated phone system).

Explore the Benefits of Our Multiple Auto Attendant Phone System Feature

This automated phone system feature is a great way to elevate your business. Here are just a few benefits you can enjoy when using Multi-Level Auto Attendants:

  • Optimize your work from home strategy by using multiple phone numbers.
  • Shorten customer wait times when they call in.
  • Alert callers of special promotions and updates while callers are on hold.
  • Personalize caller’s experience with self-service options like automated bill pay.
  • Direct callers to Ring Groups, ACD Queues Pro or other VoIP features
Starter Plan: Unavailable
Pro Plan: $29.99/mo Add-On

Ultra Plan: Included

Contact Center: Included

Take Advantage of Multilingual Support with Multi-Level Auto Attendants

Your Main Number attendant and your Multiple Auto Attendants can work together to help you provide multilingual support.

This opens up your business to route customers according to their language needs. Those needs are met by the other attendants you customize for them!

Multi-Level Auto Attendants: Automated Phone System

Get This Feature and More when you Signup with VirtualPBX

Explore your options with Multi-Level Auto Attendants today. Looking for even more complex like sub-menus? Contact us for more information.

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