CRM Integrations

VirtualPBX CRM Integrations significantly enhance business communication, productivity, and reporting. Employees can seamlessly make and receive calls within the CRM interface, resulting in streamlined communication and a centralized customer database. These integrations boost productivity by providing quick access to customer information during conversations, saving time and enabling efficient interactions. These integrations also enhance your existing CRM reports by capturing call data, enabling businesses to generate insightful reports and make data-driven decisions. 

Integrate with CRMs like Salesforce and Microsoft365

We’re excited to offer native integrations with a variety of popular CRMs. Plus, we have even more CRM integrations being developed by our teams, like Hubspot, SugarCRM, and more. But, just because you don’t see your CRM on this list doesn’t mean we don’t have something in the works. Get in touch with our team to discover when we’ll be bringing your CRM online. 

CRM Integration

CRM Integration Features that Improve Team Communication, Productivity, and Reports

There is a lot under the hood of this integration. Our developers focused this native integration around the existing functionality within your CRM, giving you value right out of the box. Your fluent CRM users will be immediately productive in their new integration because it leans on its existing core aspects. 

  • Automatic screenpops on incoming calls with helpful caller information
  • Answer calls without leaving your CRM
  • Automatic task generation on incoming calls linked to contact
  • Add call detail summaries on incoming call tasks 
  • Click to call for outbound calls from contact records
  • Dialpad with call history and missed calls
  • Listen to call recordings from your call history menu
  • Review all recorded call activities 

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