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Don’t Be Scared, Internet Faxing Is Easy
January 21st, 2015

Technology Can be ScaryFaxing Safety, Email Speed

To paraphrase from the great Mark Twain, rumors of faxing’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. In fact, if you didn’t already realize, faxing is still the best option for safe document exchange, and the only one that complies with the American Bar Association’s confidentiality and security guidelines. Furthermore, from a global perspective, the relatively sparse penetration of broadband internet in developing countries has keep phone lines as the most ubiquitous form of connectivity.

All of this is wonderful for faxing’s legitimacy as a consistently relevant business technology, but it would be naïve to suggest that it remains as sexy as it was when it was first introduced. I was having a conversation with a colleague the other day when we both admitted to occasionally having to stop and really consider what the heck we were doing whenever a fax had to be sent. I mean fax machines are like printers with telephone keypads, what’s that all about? Suffice it to say we needed to find a new way to fax documents whenever the need arises. Good thing we both work for VirtualPBX.

Ditch the Hardware

Fax machines are hard to find these days, unless of course you happen to be at the barren wasteland of electronics section of your local Goodwill. They have been instead replaced by all-in-ones from big companies that have combined printing, faxing, scanning, and copying into a formidable, and often costly, piece of equipment that might not be what you need. With VirtualPBX, however, you don’t even need an impressive all-in-one, you can do all of your company’s faxing right from the convenience of your computer wherever you have an internet connection.

VirtualPBX Internet Faxing lets you:

  • Send and Receive faxes from your vConsole online communications portal
  • Use the same number for phone calls and faxes
  • View inbound faxes in the vConsole or email them as attachments as needed
  • Maintain an online fax library for frequently sent forms and browse fax history for retrieval or review of past faxes
  • Plus you can do all of this for FREE as an included benefit of your VirtualPBX service

The price to send outbound faxes depends on the specific plan you are on, but for many plans it is free for the first 100 pages, and then only 5.9 cents per page after that, though unlimited faxing plans are available, as well. Inbound faxes only draw from whatever minutes plan you are on, too, so depending on the inbound faxing traffic you expect and the plan you are on, this cost be vary.

Faxing isn’t dead, it isn’t even on life support, so how do you plan to keep your business humming when you need to send and receive a fax? I’m not terribly keen on rushing over to the local copy center or grocery store to pay $1 a page, myself. If you feel the same way, refresh yourself on how to fax with VirtualPBX or get in touch with our Support Team for any additional assistance.