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We’re Doubling Down on Service with New 24/7 Support!

24/7 support

We’ve been in the business of offering the best available hosted telephone service and accompanying support for it for 20 years. Over that time, we’ve been fortunate to stake our claim as one of the leaders in both our technological innovations as well as our commitment to providing high-quality customer support. In an industry that has seen few efforts to upset the status quo and even fewer organizations willing to continue offering domestically headquartered customer support free of additional charges, VirtualPBX is proud to stand apart from the crowd. However, it’s not like us to rest on our laurels even with so much existing differentiation from our competition. It’s with that in mind that we’re proud to announce our new 24/7 Support program for Dash users. Now, all Dash subscribers will have around-the-clock telephone access to our award-winning Customer Support team!

24/7 Support for a 24/7 World

We offer VoIP services to over 100 countries and that means that there’s no such thing as “after hours.” When you have a customer base built from a truly global community, which means that even our previously industry-leading 7-7 coverage just wasn’t good enough. That’s why we’ve decided to extend our offer of free Customer Support access to existing and new Dash subscribers from 12 hours a day to true 24/7 support. This way, our customers can rest assured that they are covered no matter what happens, or when it happens. Because life tends to operate on its own timeline, we suspect that everyone is more comfortable knowing they’re not alone when and if things go bump in the night.

No Better Time To Join

Of course we’d be quick to say that there’s never been a bad time to switch to the cost savings and increased mobility that comes with a VirtualPBX Dash Plan, but now is a particularly good time. Thanks to our month long 20th anniversary celebrations, right now new Dash subscriptions come with a whopping 20% discount, too! That means that you can get an additional chunk of savings while you also increase your customer support and business communications mobility at the same time! So what are you waiting for? Choose which plan is right for you using our VoIP Plan Comparison tool and sign up today. Because just like 20-year anniversaries, deals like these don’t come along too often. And if you have any questions, you obviously know we’ll be around to take you call, literally whenever you have a question.

Professional Voicemail Greetings, Scripts, and Recordings

professional voicemail greetingsRecording professional voicemail greetings is easy but many people find it to be akin to public speaking, and are therefore apprehensive about starting. First of all, lets acknowledge the elephant in the room and just say that nobody in the history of the world enjoys the sound of their voices being played back to them. Once you can accept that, getting a professional voicemail greeting or Auto Attendant menu recorded will be a lot easier. To help you get the right tone and tenor of what you’re trying to communicate over you business voicemail, we’ve put together this handy list of resources for you.

Putting the “Pro” into Professional Voicemail Greetings

Some of us may still remember a time when voicemail was a blank canvas for pranksters and humorists. They would use voicemail greetings as a place to begin recordings as if they were answering the phone (“Hello? I can’t hear you… Just kidding! Leave a message…”) or to flash some personality with music or themed messages. Unless your business is a costume rental facility or joke and magic trick shop, it’s best to avoid this strategy. Instead, try to remember a few key points to focus on-

  • Recognize the Importance of the Call Make sure to acknowledge the value of the inbound call to you and your business and/or express some regret for missing it. You don’t need to be effusive or extravagant, but a little validation about the significance of the caller’s needs will go a long way.
  • Identify Yourself This should go without saying, but you should always make a point to give the caller verification of who you are or what department/extension they’ve reached. The last thing you want to do is not verify the correct voicemail box information and leave the caller feeling embarrassed for having contacted the wrong party.
  • Pacing This one is, in my humble opinion, the most important of all. Brevity is the lifeblood of effective communications, and this goes as much for advertising and public speaking as it does for voicemail messages. Do yourself and your callers a favor and keep in mind the length of your messages. Plus, who knows, maybe by doing this they’ll return the favor and not leave you an audio book of a message in return. Hopefully…
  • Be Yourself Whether this means you are using the same friendly tone you would in a conversation for your personal extension recording or that you’re speaking in terms that are on-brand for your business in the general messages, remember to be authentic. Your callers found you by way of your digital footprint and customer endorsements, and you want to make certain that the expectations they set are met in full with every interaction, including your voicemail.

Remember to Call for Help When You Need It

Recording professional voicemail greetings is more than getting over listening to the sound of your own voice and focusing on a few key elements. Sometimes it also comes down to time and motivation. When you find yourself without a surplus of either of those, it’s time to consider professional assistance. Having a VirtualPBX Greetings Manager and these tips isn’t always enough, sometimes you need to actually have access to voice talent as well. Fortunately, we have a relationship with Snap Recordings that allows for exclusive pricing on their hundreds of professional, HD audio recordings preformed by Hollywood voice actors. Plus, you can either contact our own Customer Support Team or lean on some basic voicemail script suggestions across the web for inspiration on actually penning the script itself. Either way, as long as you follow these four basic suggestions, you’re sure to record plenty of polished and professional voicemail greetings before you know it.

Celebrate Independence Day With a Bang, or Don’t!

Independence Day at the Lake

There are a lot of weekends and events that we earmark on the calendar in our minds, and few get us as excited as our national Independence Day, the 4th of July. Independence Day is, of course, the day that we recognize the drafting and signing of the Declaration of Independence, and effectively, the beginning of this long crazy journey into the Great Experiment. Along the way from our humble beginnings as a country, we’ve certainly had to course-correct more than once. The idealist in me can’t help but assert, though, that we’ve made these corrections and strides being driven by the beacon of goodwill and the sense that freedom and independence for all is our true aim. But, I’d be remiss if I didn’t also make the connection to this Independence Day to some more tangible, immediate types of freedoms, either.

Freedom to Party

Cheesy? Perhaps. Relatable? Absolutely! The 4th of July is an excuse for my family of origin and all of the related spouses, kids, partners, and close friends to come together. This isn’t terribly unique on the surface, but considering that we all live in a total of 7 international time zones, coming together once a year takes a considerable amount of planning and flexibility with our respective employers. As you can probably expect, I am the most fortunate of the brood because I work so intimately with some of the best tools for working remotely, but just because I’m equipped with my VirtualPBX Desktop Softphone doesn’t mean that it’s going to be all business today. Not even remotely. It may be cliché, but we like to get down for our Independence Day celebrations, and with a small battalion of wild-kids-turned-adults-with-increased-spending-power, that can only mean one thing- fireworks.

Light Fuse, Run Away

Lake Fireworks

By land, by air, and at sea, we come from far and wide to an undisclosed location in the rolling hills of western New York State to celebrate family and country. And across those various channels we each cross through various jurisdictions with more permissive laws on the books regulating firework and firecracker sales. As a result, and though I cannot confirm or deny if the items in this image are or are not in our collective possession, we could possibly assemble a formidable array of pyrotechnic supplies. We all mark this occasion in our own way, of course, and our particular method includes our best effort at recreating the municipal fireworks display to the best of our ability. Not only is it a fun way for our inner children to get into some shenanigans, it’s also a sure-fired way to secure the best seat in the house for the big fireworks display. You can let me know on Twitter or Facebook if you think you’ve got a better display on the docket, I’d be thrilled to compare notes!

Freedom To Celebrate How You See Fit

While we have our own slant on what Independence Day means to my family, that’s not what it’s like for everyone here at VirtualPBX, and it certainly isn’t the same for each of you, either. That’s the neatest thing at the core of this holiday, in my humble opinion. We all have the right to choose what is right for our families and ourselves. While me may not translate that exactly right into national policy, this noble sentiment is enough to keep millions of people together even during the most tumultuous of times, and that’s worth something. That being said, from everyone here at VirtualPBX, I want to wish you a safe, happy, and healthy Independence Day! I hope you get to do exactly what you want, how you want to do it, in celebration of our nation’s independence.

The Modern Mobile Office

Modern Mobile Office

Modern businesses are more likely today than ever before to have a remote work policy. These can include a flexible day per week that allows team members to work from home up to even having some portion of their employees working remotely exclusively. While the frequency and circumstances of who works remotely and how often will vary widely from company to company, the consistent need is for all of them to have the right tools in place for their employees to excel at both the physical and the mobile office. At one time, the mobile office may not have consisted of much more than an employee using his or her home phone for the day. The modern mobile office, however, has a variety of tools that allow for a more complete, more private, and more effective way to work away from the main office.

A Good Mobile Office Replicates Without Compromise

Remote working policies can be limited for a variety of factors, but often they stem from a discomfort with having employees not in the office during regular office hours. Simply ensuring that a remote worker’s mobile office is a complete facsimile of the real thing is more than adequate to immediately dispel any concerns a company may have. To accomplish that, however, a business needs to ensure that the tools it uses to recreate the office experience don’t leave room for compromise. This includes providing access to the systems that an employee would typically rely on to get work done but while also not compromising his or her private information. Having employees use home phones may allow them to dial-in to conference calls, but it also requires inbound callers to have access to their home telephone number. A truly modern mobile office needs to address the connectivity needs of an employee while at the same time respecting that employee’s privacy, as well. To build a fully functional mobile office for you and your employees to use, it’s ideal to include the following essentials-

  • VPN A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is a way for employees to log into a company’s secure network when they are away from the office. This is generally the only way for satellite employees to get into shared files that are behind firewalls. A VPN allows for continuation of projects that would otherwise rely on a physical presence to contribute to.
  • Collaborative Software I’m a big fan of Google Drive and the suite of shareable software that comes along with it. In addition to the huge amount of storage that is available to individual users, the software interface ensures that any employee who is even remotely familiar with Microsoft Office will be able to navigate Google Drive at the drop of a hat. There are other options out there that focus on project management, industry-specific needs, and file-sharing, but the point is choosing a collaborative, cloud-based that works for your team.
  • Virtual Telephone Service Virtual telephone service can refer to a few different specific configurations, but for the sake of argument, the best bet is to shop for a VoIP provider for your business. Dash VoIP from VirtualPBX completely replicate an office number, including masking outbound calls as originating from the business number, from any wi-fi enabled or data connected device. Furthermore, the advanced routing and forwarding options of a hosted telephone service can be executed to landlines, as well. This means that an employee working from home can place, receive, and even transfer calls all from the comfort of his or her home the same way it would be done from their desk at work.

Modernize Your Own Mobile Office

More than likely, many of your employees already have access to or familiarity with the Google suite of products, and many other shared software platforms are easily found. A VPN for business will have a cost associated with it but, considering that it is a vital step in preserving the cyber security of your company, it should be an acceptable expense at that. For VoIP, much like a business VPN, the value of the service is so essential to the function of a business, that the best options will certainly not be free. Many companies prohibit sample cases of their platform prior to use, but VirtualPBX allows for up to two weeks or 300 minutes for your entire team to sample Dash, the award-winning VoIP for business. Sign up now for the free trial of Dash, and see what saving money on your business phone system looks like. For more information on the best tips for working remotely, building a strong company culture across digital channels, or just the latest telecom and technology news, be sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook, too.

Time for Working From Home Improvement with VirtualPBX

termites home improvementI’ve spent a great deal of time growing up and adventuring all over the country. From the Rocky Mountains to the Louisiana bayou, I’ve gotten to experience what life is like firsthand all across this cool continent. Currently, however, I live in the heart of San Francisco. Seriously, I’m about 50 yards from the international headquarters of huge tech companies like Twitter, Uber, Square, and Dolby Laboratories. Being so centrally located in one of the most developed sections of such an industrialized city, this is the last place I expected to encounter one of the more common ailments of the more rural homes of my past. I’m referring to termites. Termites?! Yes, those little rapscallions have burrowed their way, somehow and inexplicably into the heart of my building smack dab in the center of this concrete jungle we call San Francisco. I have no idea how this has come to be, but I can assure you that if it weren’t for my array of VirtualPBX business telephone tools, I also wouldn’t be able to be working from home during this most unexpected task of home improvement.

Use the Term “Home Improvement” Loosely

I wish I could tell you that I’m connected to my company through my VirtualPBX Desktop Softphone while I’m working from home because I’m having a new oven installed or because my bathroom is getting redone. But that would be a lie. Instead of a modern and sleek remodel, I’m using the similarly modern and sleek interface of my Dash VoIP to keep in contact with the important calls I need to take while an exterminator is noisily removing planks from my hardwood floors. No, this is not the type of home improvement I had in mind. However, thanks to the flexibility that my employer affords me and the connectivity and mobility that these VoIP tools provide, I’m able to be here throughout the process of banging and spraying and digging and tearing. It’s a charm.

When Working From Anywhere Never Sounded Better

While it’s certainly positive that I can be here and be available for work because of the technology available to me, sometimes that isn’t quite enough. Take, for example, when you need to field a call to a tech reporter and there is the high-pitched whine of a circular saw surgically removing planks from your floor. Not an ideal work environment, even if it does happen to be in the comfort of my own, now sawdust covered and still termite infested, home. Fortunately, though, this is not the end of the line of possibilities for working remotely. Thanks to the nearly universal device compatibility that comes along with my VirtualPBX service, I can take this remote working roadshow, literally onto the road. All I need is my Dash portal or my VirtualPBX Softphone App and a reliable wi-fi or data connection and I’m all set. So, while the growing excavation in my front hallway is a necessary bit of home improvement, it doesn’t make for the most accommodating environment for getting work done on the telephone. I suppose working from one of the many bespoke artisanal coffee roasters in the city here is an adequate substitute to my infested kitchen table. Twist my arm.

Where would you work today if you could be anywhere? Let us know by sharing on social media on Twitter or Facebook. Or, if you’re ready to begin getting away from whatever it is that’s making your current work environment a bit hectic, perhaps it’s time you tried your own hosted telephone system like Dash, for free. Check out the free trial of Dash today, and see where your workday takes you!

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