Why My Softphone Is My Most Trusted Working From Anywhere App

VirtualPBX Softphone App in EuropeGlobetrotting entrepreneurs working from palm tree lined beaches is the essence of what makes working remotely so appealing to aspiring digital nomads. The truth is working from anywhere is only as fabulous as your connection to your clients and team. In a time where many social communication apps battle to become relevant for business communication, there always seems to be something missing. Staying connected is the lifeblood of business, so it’s important to understand which apps are merely fat, and which apps are lean, mean and drive the bottom line of business.

The Not-So-Daily Grind

As a Community Specialist at VirtualPBX, my job requires constant connectivity to our online communities of hardworking small business owners. I split my time 60/40 between the office grind and the digital nomad lifestyle. One of the most challenging aspects of being an office-nomad hybrid is that I don’t solely rely on my ability to navigate the world of connectivity without an office.

When I replace my cozy office chair for a wooden stool at a Bulgarian cafe I have no need for the dozen communication apps on my phone. What I need is a tool that allows me to carry my desk with me wherever I am in the world. There is only one such communication tool that delivers features that are versatile enough for the on-the-go professional.

Softphone is the Only Phone

My VirtualPBX Softphone App is the only tool capable of carrying an entire load of my office with me wherever I go. With features such as Follow Me Calling, Caller ID, and Business Call Reports, I can stay connected to my team and stay on top of new opportunities to grow our community.

VirtualPBX Softphone App for TravelNot only is it a workhorse, but it is also incredibly affordable. When I recently traveled through Eastern Europe I didn’t have to purchase pay-as-you-go calling plans for each country nor did I have to overpay my mobile carrier back home for an international calling plan. It is seamless and it keeps operational expenses down.

When I need an app that I can count on I use my Softphone App because it is my most reliable business travel companion around. It’s not where I work, but where I can get the job done. In a world where results matter, my Softphone App always allows me to get the job done.

Zombie April Fools’ Day


Okay first things first- there has not, I repeat, NOT, been any reports about the recently deceased becoming reanimated nor do we know anything about roaming hordes of soulless monsters hell-bent on feasting upon the brains of the living. Again, as far as we know, you should not hunker down in a safe, remote location and begin to rebuild civilization. Well, not unless that’s your thing in which case who am I to judge, but just don’t do that because you think we’re in the Zombie Apocalypse.

Not all Fun and Games

We hope with every fiber that you never have to worry about crafting a makeshift hatchet out of your mobile phone. But we are, however, interested in sharing news about the VirtualPBX Softphone App and are not opposed to cooking up creative and fun ways to do that. So no matter which one of these avenues you came down to this particular blog post today, we hope you leaned something new, started to consider the advantages of a hosted communication service, and most importantly, had a little fun in the process. If you missed the other stories we had for today, here they are below-

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Network Health Check
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PBX Parachute Disaster Recovery
PBX Parachute Emergency Business Failover
PBX Parachute Emergency Hotline
PBX Parachute Emergency Hotline
Follow Me Calling
Follow Me Calling

How Did it All Begin?

Much like the opening sequence of any one of a cavalcade of cadaver-packed cinema, this idea was born in deepest recesses of a spooky and remote laboratory. More accurately, it was a staff meeting of the VirtualPBX Marketing Department. When we were considering the many different disaster scenarios a company could face that would be more easily navigated with the aid of PBX Parachute, we naturally found Zombie Apocalypse nudge its way onto our list. This happens because, of course, there are never any wrong answers during a brain storm, but I digress. After the third or fourth mention of the topic, however, it became clear that we needed to find a way to make this work and, seeing as how Halloween was just far too long to wait, an April Fools’ Day idea was born.

Thanks for being good sports about this and if you have any further questions about hosted communications features, disaster recovery and business continuity strategies, or if you just want to talk about zombies, we’re always standing by to hear from you!

Finishing Strong – VirtualPBX Softphone App

Finish Strong With VoIP

Finish Strong

It’s an often-used term in competition, but I tend to think it applies in all areas of life. For starters, it’s applicable in the sense that front-loading the beginning of the calendar year with goals, ambition, and resolutions galore can lead to an unnecessary degradation of focus as the months progress. We don’t think that’s acceptable, so we like to think about finishing every day as strongly as we can, that way we can have the chance to close the year better than we began it, too. As it turns out, we are on the right track to do that this year, too.

The Negative Split

Counterintuitive to its name, a negative split is a great thing to have. For competitive runners (or racers of any discipline, for that matter), a negative split occurs when an athlete completes the second half of their event in a time less than it took to complete the first. This means that while you may have started off great, you dug deep and found some more fuel for the fire just when others may have begun feeling fatigued. We think we might be closing in on one right now ourselves.

VirtualPBX Strongphone

Okay it’s actually called a softphone, but we think it’s pretty tough. Coming into the year it was one of the most compatible, capable, and complete solutions for modern telecommunications challenges and our VirtualPBX Softphone App is just digging deeper still. After winning the 2015 Innovation Award for its versatility, the free to download app built on that success with security fortifications and first-to-market updates in operating system compatibility. And because everyone loves to see an award-winner looking fresh on the red carpet, we went ahead and gave the Softphone App a friendly interface and modern, clean look.

Still not convinced? True to form of finishing strong, we’ve gone and released some more updates again just to pad the stats a little before the calendar rolls-over. With improvements to background notifications, call forwarding and on-hold music management, and overall performance boosts, this newest upgrade in the Softphone App is the best one yet!

Don’t just read about it, though, go and see for yourself by downloading the free app at either the Apple App Store or on Google Play. Not yet a VirtualPBX customer? Take a look at our plans to unlock the telecommuter-savvy features of the VirtualPBX Softphone. Once you get hooked on the Softphone App, you’ll probably be interested in learning about some of our other success stories, too. Don’t wait too long, though, the year is almost over and then we’re back at square one!

Work Remotely to Stay Connected Over the Holidays

‘Tis the season. The season for running around trying to get those last minute items to the post office as well as rushing to find the eleventh-hour gifts that you just hadn’t had time to pick up yet. Who has time to be tethered to a desk through all of this? It’s not like you can be two places at once, is it?

Wear Your Own Jolly Red Suit

Just like there is rumored to be an omni-present and incredibly charitable fellow form the North Pole who has eyes on just about everyone, everywhere, and all the time, you too can enjoy the feeling of being in two places at once. VirtualPBX’s variety of tools that enable employees to work remotely make accomplishing the laundry list of holiday honey-do’s while still remaining available for work actually possible. Furthermore, the ability on the VirtualPBX Softphone App to mask incoming and outgoing calls with an office number guarantees that once it finally comes to be quitting time, you can switch off the business noise and spend uninterrupted time with those who matter to you the most.

Be a Scrooge

Yeah, seriously, be like Scrooge. Not in the crotchety-old-miser-who-everyone-despises sort of way, but rather in the just-realized-life-is-too-short-to-spend-it-all-at-work fashion, instead. Just like good old Ebenezer saw the light after a visit from the ghost of his old partner, Jacob Marley, anyone who uses the cloud-based technology from VirtualPBX can stop the rat race and yet not at the expense of getting the cheese. Take a look at the infographic below and see a few specifics on how VirtualPBX can help you make that holiday cheddar.

Work Remotely These Holidays

The 3 Best Communications Tools on Your Desktop

The Next Big Thing In Business Communications

“The Next Big Thing”

Is there any business term more cliché than this phrase? Okay, synergy and disruption may be close but depending on your bandwidth you may have to shelve those two and circle back on a new brainstorm. Continuity. Paradigm. Okay, that’s the end of the jargon, I promise. Anyway, the next big thing isn’t always what initially is billed as such, furthermore, often times the next big thing only becomes well, big, once the mainstream picks up on it, despite an existing track record of success while flying below our collective radar. The point is that, occasionally, the next big thing actually is. Here’s what you need to know about how to communicate in business moving forward which, as you can suspect, is pretty darn big.

Bringing Personal to Commercial

We’ve observed and reported on the emergence of new communications tools for business before and none is bigger than the shift towards replicating the interface and use of personal messaging for a business platform. Specifically, instant messaging for work is increasingly the standard for intra-organizational communications. The trend doesn’t end there, though, because there is a growing field of platforms that combine to deliver truly unified communications for the modern business.

Here are the three best communications tools for your work computer from the past year:

  • Business Messaging: Whether you use a platform like Slack or HipChat or have a less formalized method of just using the native messaging platforms within Gmail or Facebook, teams are showing near immediate adoption periods and increases in productivity with this familiar communications method.
  • BYOD: “Bring Your Own Device” is the cost-saving approach to helping employees stay connected away from the office. By offering to cover or offset existing service plan charges, companies are resorting to BYOD to allow employees a virtually unlimited array of options to use the tools they want to get the job done.
  • Desktop Softphone: Just like the hosted messaging apps, a VoIP Softphone that is employed as a part of a greater hosted telephone system is the mobile solution that ties together all other platforms. Requiring no maintenance, able to be replicated on any web-enabled computer or mobile device, and having the same streamlined interface that has become the norm for personal communications, modern business communications are propped-up on a sturdy backbone of the VoIP Softphone.

There will always be a lot of noise out there by products and services that claim to be the next big thing, but while they are trying to yell over each other, business is humming along by implementing these into a communications strategy. To learn more about the development, implementation, and technical specifications of these important tools, you can schedule a free personal tour of complete unified communications options for business.

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