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Call Monitoring System

A Live Call Monitoring Feature That Never Leaves You in the Dark With Your Call Queues

ACD QueuesYou’ve worked hard to build out your call center, now you want to make sure it continues to run like a well-oiled machine. Thankfully, VirtualPBX has your back. You will discover new and innovative ways to improve the efficiency of your call center with features like call monitoring systems by VirtualPBX.

Watch calls in real-time as they enter the queue, which agent accepts the call, and how long the call lasts. You can even see who is currently logged in to each queue and how long they’ve been active. Call monitoring systems ensure that you’re never left guessing how well-staffed your queues are or if your customers are waiting too long for assistance. But live call monitoring systems like those from VirtualPBX let you act on events occurring in real-time.

ACD Queues on Dash Business Phone Plans

ACD Queues Call Monitoring System Features: Built for Even the Largest of Call Centers

Whether you’re focused on growing sales or improving your customer service, managing departments comes with a host of challenges. ACD Queues makes certain that technical challenges to your phone system will never be one of them. Just like Dash’s simple live monitoring view, administration in ACD Queues is intuitive and fast.. Administers simply create the queues that they need, add agents, and drag-and-drop those agents into their respective queues. You can even create an Auto Attendant for convenience. Plus, because we understand that your business needs need to be ready to turn on a dime. We’ve added a few failsafe mechanisms to ensure both callers and agents get what they need.

  • Agent Connect Timeout – Sets the length of time a call will wait for an agent to pick up before moving on to the next agent in line.
  • Queue Timeout – Limits the time your caller will wait for an agent before going to a next action. This includes escalation queue or a voicemail box.
  • Escalation Queue – Directs calls to an alternate queue when all agents are busy with calls.
  • Wrap Up Time – Adds a buffer of time after each call. That way your users can finish taking any notes or perform necessary follow up steps before receiving another call.

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