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Until October 31st, Buy One VoIP Desk Phone, Get One Free!

Are there parts of your phone dangling off of it like a zombie’s eyeball? Is it one more strip of scotch tape away from total mummification? Then if so, maybe you should send it into the afterlife for good to make room for your new phone with this limited offer on office phones from VirtualPBX. Now until October 31, 2017, buy any item off of our recommended phones list and receive a second phone of equal or lesser value, totally for free. But you better hurry, because the offer won’t last forever, even if the ghosts of your departed telephones past might! To get started, click on any phone of your choice below or proceed right to the quote form. Signing up for Dash service too? Use the promo code “BOGO” during checkout to see your discount reflected.

Any Other Cobwebs We Can Help Clear Out?

Does it sound like there are bats in your belfry every time you get a call at work? Maybe your old phone isn’t the only hardware laying around that’s bit too long in the tooth. Or perhaps it’s your network that has moves like the monster of Doctor Frankenstein. Either way, we have the tools to help. Garlic bulbs and wooden stakes not included.

Dash Business Phone Plans

When was the last time you tried out a new feature on your business phone system? Years? It’s probably time to see what’s out there. Maybe you’re even an existing VirtualPBX customer still on the vConsole platform. Either way, if mummies were actual Pharoes the last time you considered your options for a business phone, it’s well past due to take a look at what Dash has to offer. Whether it’s the eerie precision of Follow Me Calling or the spectral presence of an Auto Attendant, the latest features Dash has to offer will give you chills. Plus, if you’re coming from an on-site PBX system, the amount you’ll save on your monthly charges will be enough to wake the dead, too!

Dash Plans + Prices

VoIP Clear Fix Service

When things go bump in the night, sometimes it feels better to just curl up in the blanket and not look out. When things go bump in your network, who ya gunna call? VoIP Clear Fix experts are the only ones in the industry who can accurately assess, diagnose, and optimize your hosted telephone network issues, no matter who you get your service from! Which is scarier, the fact that we can help when the providers of a service can’t or that you’re still with a provider who can’t fix your service? Give us a call, and you’ll sleep better when it’s dark outside.

VoIP Clear Fix

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