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Porting Numbers to Boost Performance

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Porting Numbers to Boost Performance

Porting Numbers When You Move Your BusinessWhen a business wants to bring an existing telephone number with them when they change telephone service, they can do that by porting it into the VirtualPBX system. Just like when you move and want to take the mailbox that your Great Aunt Sally made for you as a wedding present (even though you clearly had a designer mailbox on your registry) you can bring it to your new address and it will work the same, so too can you bring your telephone numbers. The process for porting is relatively simple on users and the reasons for why we offer this service so frequently vary. To clear up any confusion on the topic, however, we have these common frequently asked questions that our VirtualPBX Support Team have encountered.

Why porting is important for business-

  • Some vanity or toll-free numbers are in very high demand, especially true 1-800 numbers, so businesses rightfully treat them as assets and want to keep hold of them.
  • Customers value consistency, and for many long-standing operations, a move to a more powerful and cost-effective business phone system shouldn’t come at the expense of having to change their contact information.
  • Expansion is simplified by porting into a centralized VirtualPBX system. If you’re acquiring businesses, franchises, or other entities with existing telephone numbers, all the new contact information can be consolidated by porting those numbers into VirtualPBX while being able to route them all to a centralized office.

What numbers can be ported?

  • Almost any number can be ported into VirtualPBX including local, toll-free, and even international numbers from over 40 countries.
  • Porting a number will take anywhere from 3-5 business days for toll-free numbers and local numbers will take longer depending on the number’s existing carrier.

How do I get started?

I thought you’d never ask! It’s easy to begin and you have a couple of different options to begin porting in your numbers.

There’s never a bad time to boost your company’s performance with a more powerful business tool, but when you can keep your existing contact numbers and save money in the process, that makes it a home run. Bringing your business to the forefront of cloud-based communications technology without having to rebrand your company has never been easier, so get started today!

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