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Network Health Check – You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

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Network Health Check – You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Break DownI remember one time my brother was driving the family car when all of a sudden the engine died and it came to a stomach-turning, agonizingly slow stop. It turns out, when a trio of teenage boys is (ir)responsible for the proper upkeep of a vehicle, little things like failing to change or add motor oil can, well, go unnoticed. It also isn’t terribly helpful when the, “check engine,” indicator doesn’t work so the few times an adult drove it, there was no way to tell that anything was the matter. Unfortunately, most of our business systems today don’t even have indicator lights to tell us when things go awry – what we don’t know can be what really hurts us.

So who’s in charge of changing the oil on your internet service? Chances are, like most people, you may have run a speed test once or twice, but that only provides a brief snapshot of your current capacity, and not a clear picture of your network’s performance overall. Throughout the day as new users join and leave your network, spikes of activity and bandwidth bottlenecking occur with regularity. While a simple web search may not noticeably reflect these fluctuations, something like several video streams during lunchtime could threaten the quality of VoIP calls on your shared network. To truly determine your network’s capacity, you need to examine more than just a snapshot, you need a longer, more in depth cross-section.

VirtualPBX’s ProSIP Network Health Check is a comprehensive, longitudinal analysis of your system conducted by a team of connectivity experts over the course of a week. When used in conjunction with a VoIP Speed Test, this longer period gives the team the opportunity to study your network throughout its typical flow in and out of high-use periods. This way, if you have an indicator light that should have been going off at any point in your company’s typical week, you can now see it and do something before your engine burns out, so to speak.

By looking at your network’s performance holistically, the experienced team at VirtualPBX is able to assemble a comprehensive understanding of how best to optimize it for your hosted business phone calls. Once you know what you need to about your connection and can rest easily knowing that someone is changing your oil, it should be smooth roads for as far as the eye can see. Happy motoring.

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