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Customer Service Philosophy

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We Answer The Call

Customer Service Philosophy with Jeff Weinstein

Customer Service Philosophy ImageMaya Angelou hit the nail on the head when she said: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” That is very true when it concerns providing exceptional customer support in a customer service philosophy.

Many companies have their way of doing things. Still, at VirtualPBX, we have spent years testing, researching, and learning new ways to nurture and protect the customer’s experience (while simultaneously creating the best customer experience). We’ve learned a thing or two.

Importance of Customer Service Philosophy

Nearly three out of five consumers report that an excellent customer service experience is vital for feeling loyalty toward a brand. But what exactly is a customer service philosophy? How does it work? Put it this way. During a dark and tumultuous storm, it is the lone lighthouse keeper bravely shining their light to guide troubled ships safely to land. Everyone survives, problems are solved, and celebrations galore!

In a nutshell, they are the guiding principles that pave the way for your internal support teams to troubleshoot issues and build genuine customer relationships. It can’t be stressed enough. The value of having a golden customer service philosophy to guide your business is the heart of being a trusted brand.

That is because the outcome of the customer experience is the deciding factor on whether a customer chooses you or goes to one of your competitors. But how does this become a reality within a company’s structure? VirtualPBX’s Vice President of Success Jeff Weinstein gives us a closer look at how the company’s shared vision and values define his team and their work.

We Become The Advocate

At VirtualPBX, everyone is “Committed to providing every customer with the best service possible when helping them with their communication needs.” As Jeff puts it, he and the team become the advocate for the customers, not the other way around. Consistency with trust-building is the key to unlocking a successful customer relationship.

The VirtualPBX teams use the customer service mission as their base guide. In turn, they get provided various tools and methods to feel empowered to make decisions to carry out that customer service mission. Jeff and his team don’t just say it. They mean it. No matter what the customer issue is or the type of customer account, they got you.

Happy Customer Service Image

It’s All In The Approach

Jeff says, “Anyone can do customer service, but there is a difference between “doing” customer service and “living” customer service. It comes across in ways you don’t realize. Every team member genuinely believes and lives this role. I think it resonates because our customers know what they say to us is essential.”

Another differentiating factor, many people don’t expect senior management to handle run-of-the-mill customer calls, but that’s how they roll. “Customers are always amazed when they realize that they get access to me immediately, but that’s the thing about VirtualPBX. We all own the process and work together for the customer. No one subscribes to the “red velvet rope” approach.”

As he sums it up, Jeff notes that “The VirtualPBX customer support team has the flexibility to make in-the-moment decisions for our customers because they understand what that customer needs. They know what the company stands for. They adhere to it themselves. Therefore, I trust them to make the right decision for that customer.”

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