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Expect the Unexpected – Everyone Likes An Upgrade

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Expect the Unexpected – Everyone Likes An Upgrade

Expect The UnexpectedAs you may recall from our post on how to travel and work effectively, I’ve had occasion to use my own VirtualPBX Dash service to work on the go more than once. Yes, we do actually practice what we preach around here, but that’s for another post. Moving on, however, one thing that I experienced this past weekend while traveling to the East Coast for a friend’s wedding is the holy grail of business travel – The free upgrade.

Getting Something Unexpected

Nicer, wider seats, access to VIP airline club lounges, and a sweet new rental car will all always be available for the right price. What makes these creature comforts truly special is when we get to access them when we aren’t planning on it, and especially for free. Now, it’s not that I got a seat upgrade last weekend because I was pouring it on extra thick or anything, but sometimes you do make a conscious effort to see if you can work the system. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could expect more from situations without having to game the people behind the counters?

Upgrade to Dash and Save

Right now, we have thousands of customers who have been relying on our basic call-forwarding service for years and, unbeknownst to many of them, we’ve built out our service offerings to a nearly unrecognizable state to what they encountered way back when. That’s why we’d like to invite them to switch to the all-new, award-winning Dash business phone system. Not only will consolidating phone service save businesses hundreds or thousands of dollars per year, but in the interest of giving a little extra unexpectedly, right now we’re offering some pretty big savings to boot.

Phones on Phones on Phones

For a very limited time, upgrading from basic call forwarding service to a fully featured business phone system like Dash or the even more loaded, Dash Unlimited, will qualify certain customers for heavily discounted or free VoIP phones to go along with their new service. Even though this is the best deal we’ve ever offered on the industry’s newest business phone system, we won’t stop there, either. In keeping with the theme of offering more than you expect, we’re also still backing each and every one of these advanced business phone systems with the industry’s rarest form of customer support, the kind that is included in the price of the system. No longer will you need to pay extra to access a customer service agent because our award-winning, in-house support team is available online to you around the clock.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the deal right now and see how much you could be saving by bundling your business phone service and call forwarding needs today. This offer won’t last forever so try a demo today for free, and we won’t even make you sweet-talk us.

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