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Not Even an Earthquake Can Stop PBX Parachute

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Not Even an Earthquake Can Stop PBX Parachute

EarthquakeMonday marked the one-year anniversary of the 6.0 magnitude Napa Earthquake in Northern California. This was the largest and most destructive tremor in the United States since the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake reached 6.9 on the Richter Scale in 1989, famously recorded during the broadcast of the World Series just minutes before the opening pitch of game three. There exists a constant tension between inhabitants all across the Western Seaboard and the unpredictability of the continent’s tectonic plates. Though these seismic concerns are generally contained just in the western half of the United States, they symbolize the same natural volatility that exists in every corner of the globe.

Prepare for Predictability

Predicting an earthquake is virtually impossible and even the most advanced early-warning systems currently in development at UC Berkeley provide only seconds of advance warning. This is critically helpful in shutting down gas lines, mass transit, and other factors that help reduce damage in the event of a quake, but it does little to help businesses prepare for the worst. The only certainty, the only thing that can be truly predicted, is that eventually there will be a tremor, or a storm, or simply a truck that hits a power line, and even the most diligent of businesses will be forced to shutter its doors for a period.

Depending on the size of the company, a business can risk the loss of tens of thousands of dollars a day in revenue by simply not being open for business. Furthermore, those lost dollars have a doubly damaging impact because not only do they not find the way into your bottom line, but they also are bolstering the business of your competitors. This is where simple business insurance falls short. Getting reimbursed for the costs of rebuilding after a catastrophe doesn’t make much of a difference if your business is crippled during the downtime.

Every Employee Can Have a Headquarters

By including a telephone failover system like PBX Parachute into your company’s Business Continuity Plan, you can ensure that all critical operations can continue under any circumstances and from anywhere in the world. PBX Parachute mirrors the parts of your business you want to keep up and running and allows your key employees to virtually log-into their office lines from anywhere they have an internet connection. It deploys automatically with 99.99% reliability when your phone lines are down or not functioning for any reason, or you can activate it manually if you can anticipate your office becoming inaccessible. This way, should your office become inaccessible for any reason or amount of time, your employees can both stay in the safety of their homes with their families and your business can keep humming along without missing a beat.

You don’t let market factors or competitors dictate your success, why should you let a few bumps in the road do the same? Granted that a 6.0 earthquake is a little bit more than a simple bump, but you get the picture.

Contact one of our Business Continuity Experts today to see how we can help augment your emergency preparations with PBX Parachute. You can rest assure that no matter what is happening under the Earth’s crust, we’ll be here to help you stay in business!

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