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Working On The Road at VirtualPBX

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Working On The Road at VirtualPBX

Working on the RoadWe practice what we preach. Helping people save time and money with a hosted PBX system is obviously important to us, but not as important as it is that we are 100% behind the products we provide. We use our entire suite of products in the same way that we encourage other businesses to use them, and that means that we find ourselves working on the road frequently. Anyone who is working on the road needs their hosted communications system to be something that they can rely on, no matter where they find themselves.

Far And Wide

We have vital contributions coming into our headquarters from team members who live in Florida, Nevada, and even overseas as far as Lima, Peru. All of these team members interact with us in California using our own VirtualPBX technology and that’s how we know it’ll work for any businessperson who is working on the road. In fact, we’ve already taken VirtualPBX technology along for the ride to Industry Conferences, Frankfurt, and it will even be touring Europe (stay tuned!) through the Balkan states, too. What all of this means is that we need to have the confidence that key features that make working on the road possible can be counted on.

But Never That Far Away…

Businesspeople benefit from many aspects of modern technology, but the most applicable for telecommunications is that distance begins to have less of an impact on doing business. With employee presence available 24/7 and the ability to make literally any telephone your desk for the day with Hot Desking, no matter where you’re headed, you can make time for the work you need to get done. Additionally, with the limitless possibilities of universal device compatibility, employees can use their favorite devices while working on the road, even if they have to replace them unexpectedly!

Progress Waits for No One

The march of time stops for nothing, and neither do the lives of your employees. Supporting the needs and eventualities of their lives and never missing an opportunity at work don’t need to be mutually exclusive when you have an advanced hosted VoIP telephone network. And now that Dash comes with up to two weeks free as part of a no-commitment free trial, there’s nothing standing between you and the industry’s most heralded business VoIP platform of 2016. So go ahead and try Dash for yourself. It’s how we manage to keep the engines purring when we’re working on the road, it’s what the pundits can’t seem to stop showering with praise, and it’s probably your best bet to saving hundreds or thousands of dollars a year on your business telephone system.

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