Introducing VirtualText-Enabled Numbers

Virtual SMS Number

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Introducing VirtualText-Enabled Numbers

A VirtualText-enabled number, or Text Number, allows customers of the VirtualPBX platform to leverage text messaging in new ways. Until now, SMS-enabled numbers were limited to individual users on our platform. This new feature allows you to add VirtualText-enable numbers for nearly any use imaginable. SMS-enable the main number for your business and allow a team to answer customers, or give your marketing team separate numbers that allow them to track effectiveness.

Include SMS In Your Business Strategy

Business phone numbersIf you’re looking to grow your business, a strategy that includes SMS is a must.

Whether you’re in the market for new leads or want to engage with customers after they’ve already made a purchase, SMS can help you accomplish both of these goals. And when it comes to building brand awareness and increasing customer loyalty? Well, there aren’t many more effective ways than through text messaging.

Text Numbers can accelerate brand growth.

Using Text Numbers is a proven way to build brand awareness and trust among your target audience. They can help you meet these goals:

  • Build brand awareness among a targeted audience
  • Create buzz around your product/service
  • Spread word of mouth about your company or product

In addition, they allow you to have more control over the messaging that’s being sent out by customers who have received text messages from your business.

Improve Customer Engagement With a Text Number

VirtualText-enabled numbers can improve customer engagement.

  • With a Text Number, you can extend your reach to customers who may not have the ability or time to call you. The VirtualText App allows them to text you directly from any device, at any time of day.
  • Customers can text questions about your product or service before buying and immediately start using the service once they sign up for it. They’re also more likely to use your company again if they have a positive experience with virtual assistants (VA).
  • In addition, customers will be able to contact you after making purchases to receive help with using their products or services—from anywhere and at any time!

Generate Leads & Sales with A Text Number

Using VirtualText-enabled numbers, you can generate leads and sales through text messaging. You can also use VirtualText-enabled numbers to grow your business by generating repeat business, referrals, and other forms of positive word-of-mouth marketing.

To use a VirtualText-enabled number to generate leads:

  • Send automated text messages to people who respond to an ad on your website or social media page. For example, if someone replies to your “find us on Facebook” link with their name and email address—and they haven’t already opted out—you can send them a welcome message with information about how the process works (e.g., “You’ve just signed up for our weekly newsletter!”). This will help you filter out spam replies from bots or human scammers just looking for free goods/services.
  • Follow up with prospective customers after they’ve shown interest in your product or service by sending targeted messages based on what’s most likely to engage them at this stage in the sales cycle (e.g., “Did you know that we offer discounts for new clients?”).


The ability to send and receive text messages with your customers is not just a nice-to-have; it’s the new standard in communication. If you’re looking for ways to reach out and engage with customers on a more personal level, VirtualText-enabled Numbers from VirtualPBX are the perfect solution. They allow you to connect with more people and open up new growth and revenue generation opportunities.

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