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Utilizing Business VoIP to Manage Business Travel

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Utilizing Business VoIP to Manage Business Travel

Professionals travelling on business often face downtime. Managing business travel downtime is one of the many unforeseen challenges of business travel in general. Although Wi-Fi is readily available in airports and on airplanes, small business owners and entrepreneurs still find themselves out of network when they leave the office on a trip, particularly outside the United States. When expecting important updates or calls on the road, communications solutions like business VoIP provide value and versatility in staying connected to the office no matter where your business travel takes you.

Business VoIP solutions, such as VirtualPBX Anywhere Plans, transmit voice over data networks. Unlike traditional phone lines, they can use Wi-Fi networks, as well as broadcast cables, to connect people in more ways than before. By moving away from landlines, business owners can take advantage of their company’s existing data network and transmit voice and video with more flexibility, at a fraction of the price. This is especially useful when travelling, as mobile entrepreneurs are able to maintain their connection to the home office without having to count on unreliable phone networks.

The ideal way to take advantage of business VoIP is to use your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Modern VoIP providers support special softphone applications that allow users to turn their devices into direct VoIP extensions – allowing them to be used as natural extensions of their office phone networks. While making calls through this virtual system, telecommuters also save on roaming charges by taking advantage of free or low-cost Wi-Fi that can be found at hotels or other places they may be visiting. More advanced products, like Virtual PBX Complete with VoIP Anywhere, even have reduced bandwidth requirements that allow their users to take advantage of 3G and 4G networks in addition to Wi-Fi.

With business VoIP technology, professionals can make video and audio calls from anywhere that is Wi-Fi accessible, allowing flexibility in communication like never before. Through special softphone apps, their personal devices can also become extensions of their business phone network, decreasing costs while maintaining the appearance of being in the office, even when the user is thousands of miles away. When traveling for business, VoIP phone services allow the perfect blend of versatility and value.

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