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Tech Talks- Warriors Basketball and 49ers Football

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Tech Talks- Warriors Basketball and 49ers Football

VirtualPBX Tech Talks Warriors Basketball

Jay Beck, Tech Support and Sports Almanac

We’ve been around for a long time and have collected some of the best minds from across several industries, and we think it’s high time they got their day in the spotlight. In this series of blogs we’ll be unearthing some of the technology and talent that power our hosted communications platform.

A narrow defeat for the San Jose Sharks in the Stanley Cup Finals, a rebuilding season for the San Francisco 49ers, and another record-setting year for the Golden State Warriors basketball team are all just a fraction of the sports knowledge that our very own Jay Beck from Customer Support brings to the table. Oh yeah, he also has years of experience solving highly technical and challenging customer problems in Silicon Valley, but we’re a whole lot more than just a bunch of telecom people, and Jay helps prove that more than anyone.

But what does Warriors Basketball really have to do with a hosted telecom company? An awful lot, really. The NBA has transcended national boundaries and run laps around its professional sports league peers specifically because of its adoption of and use of emerging technologies like social media. Now with international super stars like Steph Curry and LeBron James pitting it out for the NBA Championship, Warriors basketball, much like VirtualPBX, finds itself at the center of the biggest events in its field.

So Jay, when and how did you get your start as a Tech Support Agent?
I’ve been working with hardware and database systems in Silicon Valley for most of my life. At times I’ve focused on the world of laptop technology on both the sales and support sides and I’ve also done a lot of contract work for database management and integrity.

What prompted your transition into telecom?
Doing all of what I had in the past exposed me to all sorts of different areas and one that always keep me busy was with network connectivity. If you think about it, even though all of the hardware and software that we have today has been changing so rapidly for years, probably no other area has been so dramatically transformed as how we connect to and interact with the internet. Coincidentally, that’s probably the root source of a lot of the problems I get to help our customers solve on a daily basis, too.

Plus, I understand that your part of the unofficial VirtualPBX Incubator, yeah?
Ha! Yeah I guess so! I live with a few of the other guys from the company, all of whom either work in Dev Ops or Tech Support so it’s pretty handy for when we encounter a new or unique challenge, we have a strong brain-trust of experience in technology of all kinds to lean on. Plus we all have some gnarly competitive gaming sessions from time to time, so that doesn’t hurt, either!

Awesome. Backing up a second to what you said about networking, though, what about it comes into play in Tech Support so frequently?
VoIP has the potential to help businesses boost their communications, flexibility, and employee and customer satisfaction- and that’s great. Where I get to help is that VirtualPBX is unique in that we help educate people about how their VoIP relies on and is affected by their networks. Often times, when a customer encounters a problem they aren’t prepared to diagnose if it is with their telephone system or their network. And for the record, I’m proud to say it’s more often that it’s a network issue.

Great, it sounds like you have a strong sense of how to navigate through those problems. Is that something you’re interested in specifically?
You bet. I know that we’re only getting more and more connected each day so it’s totally reasonable to want to focus on learning as much about networking as possible. Plus, it’s part of my favorite thing to do here when a customer can call up being so frustrated about not knowing what’s wrong and I can help them isolate the issue and correct it. It feels good when people get off the phone in a much better mood than when they called.

I bet. Okay that’s about it but one more question, what’s your prediction for the rest of the NBA Finals?
Warriors basketball is all about “Strength in Numbers,” right? So that said, I think there’s going to be a repeat of the number of games from last year and I predict we win it all in game 6 on the road again. Of course, that said, I wouldn’t mind winning on home court should it go to game 7, either.

Jay and all of the other Tech Support experts from VirtualPBX are available for customers to call to help solve all their problems, day or night. Or, for those of you who would rather just debate who was the best Bay Area athlete of all time, Jay is all ears. For the record, I think he and I are both in the Jerry Rice camp, fyi.

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