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How to Spend a Holiday on the Road Like a Pro

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How to Spend a Holiday on the Road Like a Pro

holiday on the road at travertine hot springsAs you probably know by now, we’re a remote team. In fact, if you’ve ever seen our company’s Instagram account, you know that we have our work with us on the road even when we’re not traveling. Coffee shops, Apple stores, parks, and with the increased availability of city-wide wi-fi coverage in San Francisco, basically anywhere in some of the busiest cities in Silicon Valley can be our office for the day. But during the holidays, we’re not unlike anyone else in that we want to travel further distances to either be with loved ones or simply to take advantage of the long weekends and time off. That’s why we wanted to show you in just a few steps exactly how easy that is with a hosted business telephone system like Dash. Because it may not be what a lot of the season’s most-loved movies and stories are about, but spending a holiday on the road can be just what the doctor ordered for those who have adventure on their minds.

Spend the Holiday on the Road Less Traveled

VirtualPBX softphone appJohn Muir, the famous naturalist for whom many of California’s greatest natural treasures are named, said, “Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.” With that in mind, I opted to spend some quality holiday time in the Eastern Sierras that separate Nevada and California. To do that, though, I had to prepare some things on Dash before I left. No problem! All I had to do was make sure I had my VirtualPBX Softphone App downloaded to my Android phone and double check that the Follow Me Calling settings were up to date, as well. The Softphone App is all I need to keep my office space totally virtual. It can operate off of either my data connection or wi-fi, and is a totally self-contained and portable replication of all of the functions of my standard VoIP Desk Phone, but in the palm of my hand. With it, I can toggle between my work phone and my personal line so that I can always keep my private information private and my professional information available.

Follow Me CallingHowever, sometimes when I have the softphone deactivated, I still need to take a call and that’s where the Follow Me Calling feature comes in handy. By preloading my Follow Me Calling call forwarding with the likely telephone numbers where I’ll be reachable, I can make sure that incoming calls cascade through the numbers I want to be reached at until I answer or the call goes to voicemail. And speaking of voicemail, with the handy feature of emailing my voicemails directly to my inbox, you guessed it, I can get those right on the same mobile device I use when I’m spending my holiday on the road.

Where are You Spending Your Holiday?

We have as many different ideas of what makes a good holiday as we have members of our team, and I suspect you’re no different, either. That said, what triggers your sense of adventure on a long weekend? Or perhaps you’d rather have a staycation or spa day? Let us know how you did, or just how you would prefer to spend your holidays by joining in on the conversation on Twitter and Facebook. We’re always looking to get new ideas on places to go, so share what you have in mind. Either way, no matter where the holiday on the road takes you this year, make sure to have a safe and happy voyage and enjoy the New Year!

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