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Software Advice Research- What is a PBX System?

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Software Advice Research- What is a PBX System?

Software Advice ResearchIt’s been a while since we’ve gotten some fresh Software Advice research to dig into, but the wait it over! Today we get to pour over the latest from the online software and technology reviewers at Software Advice that exhaustively covers one of our favorite topics – comparing PBX systems. In the most recent report entitled, “What is a PBX System?” we got the opportunity to contribute to adding context to some of their extensive research on the perceived benefits of hosted PBX systems through an interview with our CEO, Paul Hammond. Needless to say, with the topic being one very near and dear to our hearts, a value-add from our chief executive, and the impressive track record that Software Advice has assembled for being a comprehensive and balanced technology analyst, we’re pretty excited to see the results on this one.

Price & Simplicity Reign Supreme

Benefits of VoIPThough we often tout the many benefits that come from hosted PBX features at almost every possible opportunity, there were two clear standouts in the Software Advice research that outshone the rest. Not surprisingly, but of the hundreds of business owners surveyed, cost saving was listed as the highest draw for them to a hosted PBX over a legacy, on-site PBX option. This is really no longer a question of if a company will save money by switching to VoIP, but rather one of how much money they will save.

The second most commonly cited advantage of the benefits of a hosted PBX was one we’re proud to hear is gaining popularity. In a decisive win for VoIP, hosted PBX users were 50% more likely than their legacy PBX counterparts to cite the ease of use and simplicity of their system as a key benefit. Though we can’t take credit for all of those results, it would be insincere to suggest that revolutionary new user-friendly interfaces like on the award-winning Dash from VirtualPBX wasn’t at least partly to blame for the increase in satisfied user experiences.

Reliability is a Function of Customer Care More Than Technology

In another reassuring portion of the report, the topic of system reliability came through loud and clear. But in a departure form conventional thinking, however, both the results of the Software Advice research and the analysis that followed didn’t attribute the cause of any reliability concerns onto the VoIP technology itself. Instead, the issue of system reliability was correctly attributed to more often than not being a function of the network capabilities over which VoIP is operated, rather than the VoIP itself. Meaning that for some users who weren’t properly informed of this when they began their search for a hosted PBX service provider, they may have to also conduct a Network Health Check to determine if their connection needs to be optimized for VoIP.

In other words, as it was succinctly put by Software Advice researcher, Daniel Harris, “The takeaway is that if you don’t have the in-house IT personnel to assist with the work of network administration, you need to find a provider with a good track record when it comes to support and maintenance.”

Picking a Winner

The net takeaways of this latest Software Advice research are that there remain to be advantages of all types of PBXs, but knowing what is most important to your business (cost considerations, simplicity, etc.) will go far in guiding your decision. Furthermore, as with most things, it’s best to research the provider you are considering as much as their technology, which is why we proudly keep our customer tesimonials out in the open where everyone can see them. Plus, you can always check us out on Yelp if you want to do even more comparison shopping.

Until then, though, make sure to keep an eye on the comprehensive data that comes out of all of the Software Advice research and to follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook for more updates.

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