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Presidential Election Day, Cubs Win, & Office Politics

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Presidential Election Day, Cubs Win, & Office Politics

presidential electionIf you’re anything like I am, you can’t be any happier that today is it – Election Day! During an unprecedented political season that has taken a turn for the surreal and then even further to the absurd, many Americans are eager to see the backside of Tuesday, November the 8th. This election cycle has been so outlandish that political satirists have actually struggled, not for lack of material, but for the challenge of making farcical recreations of what often times has not even seemed to be real life. But, yes, America, we have made it, and now we need to begin trying to make sense of how we got here, and more importantly, where we’ll go from now.

Why You Don’t Need to Move to Canada, According to Sports

If there’s anything that should be clear following the historic break of the 108-year drought of the Chicago Cubs in the (most incredibly thrilling) World Series, it’s that anything can happen. In fact, I was in Chicago for the Championship Parade and also that weekend at Solider Field, the Irish National Rugby Team beat the reigning champion from New Zealand for the first time in 111 years, as well. If Illinois was a swing state, this would complete my analogy nicely, but the point I’m making is that nothing is ever, ever over. Plus, in case the rhetoric of either candidate is getting you anxious, we have a pretty rock-solid system of checks and balances that is infallible where our major party nominations may not be. So go ahead and put away those Vancouver real estate brochures and wait it out a little bit longer.

We Know How to Run a Tough Campaign

While we’d be quick to clarify that we don’t go in for the rancor and divisiveness that has been the hallmark of this presidential election, we do know what it means to make a strong case for something. Time and time again, we’ve been honored by our peers in a selection for various industry awards, and those are some of our proudest achievements. Being selected by the people you serve is, after all, very similar to the entire purpose of campaigning towards the presidential Election Day. Our opponents, however, weren’t colleagues from across the aisle. We’re singularly focused on serving our customers, so our greatest competition is always going to be ourselves and in trying to outdo our past performances.

Win or Lose, It’s How You Play the Game

Another thing to remember that, once the day has ended, we regular folks will all have to go on to work and play with each other. That should be reason enough to take another cue from the sports world about winning gracefully and losing with dignity. In fact, I’d say that politics are even more important for us to be tempered and prudent in our reactions because, unlike two sports clubs that retreat to their respective communities following a decisive game, we are all intertwined with people who are ideological opposite to ourselves. Not just in workplaces and schools and on our commute, but this election has even seen divisions within individual families themselves. All the more reason, in my humble opinion, to think about the lasting impact of our words and actions when we feel like maligning or boasting about the outcome of today’s presidential election. And if you must discuss the big day’s events at work, we recommend that you talk about politics in the best way possible. Because, seriously, we all want to have a job to come to tomorrow morning, too.

So how do you feel? Are you ready? Have you voted already or will you go later? Share your voting stories with us and pictures of your “I Voted” stickers with us on Twitter and Facebook. We’d love to see you doing your civic duty and are here for you if you need it!

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