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New Dash Options

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New Dash Options

New Dash Options For Business VoIPWhen we first introduced our Dash Plans a little over a year ago, they were the most feature-rich and easy to use VoIP for business options around. Ever since then, we’ve not let off the gas one bit. Shortly thereafter, we introduced Dash Unlimited, we’ve received multiple awards from our peers acknowledging the impressive combination of form and function that Dash has, and we’ve kept on adding new features to the list per our this VirtualPBX Product Roadmap. With all of this being the norm, it should come as no surprise that we’ve recently just updated the current offerings to include three new Dash Options, but we just did, and they’re already gaining traction.

New Dash Options Fit For Any Business

One of the first reactions to hearing that your favorite VoIP plans for business are getting a facelift may be that you’re afraid of what you might be losing. In this instance, the only new Dash options that lose anything is in the price to get the cleanest and most capable VoIP for business platform around. To look at all the new plans and their benefits, we have a brief description of them below-

  • Dash Basic For literally pennies on the dollar of what a traditional phone system would cost, and with far more features and capability than what other VoIP providers can offer, Dash Basic is the most affordable option for tighter budgets. Plus, by still being a Dash Plan, none of the reliability is spared because it is built on the same, robust and reliable platform that all of the Dash Plans benefit from.
  • Dash Pro The most familiar to existing Dash offerings of the past, but with more flexibility on minutes and expandability. Specifically, an increased pool of minutes and local and toll-free numbers hallmark the biggest changes to Dash Pro. However, there are other changes to the affordability of this plan that we are confident will find more companies flocking to the clean and capable Dash Pro platform.
  • Dash Unlimited Reminiscent of the Dash Unlimited Plans of yore, the new and improved Dash Unlimited takes what was working on this plan and boosts it into overdrive. We still add a huge lump of toll-free minutes, we’ve added up to 3 local or toll-free numbers already included, and done it all for even more value than we ever thought was possible, Dash Unlimited is going to be the backbone of many growing and enterprise businesses for years to come.

New Options For Pricing Flexibility

One more factor that is sure to contribute to the continued success of Dash Plans is the ability to customize the pricing to fit your budget. Not only is picking the right plan for you easier than ever, once you identify which one to go with, you can tailor the way you pay for it, too. Choosing from an annual agreement, monthly no-obligation agreement, or an annual agreement with a monthly payment allows companies to precisely target their phone budgets. Why is this so revolutionary? Honestly, we have no idea why it’s not more common in the industry, but it is. The reality is that our transparent and forthcoming pricing remains to be one of the most routinely appreciated aspects of shopping for VirtualPBX service that our customers mention.

Ready to Get Started?

We sure hope so! Go ahead and check out our new plans and let us know what you think about them. Or, you can contact us directly to skip the dilly-dallying, we’re happy to help you out either way. Also, make sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook because we’re always adding updates like these new Dash options and sharing info on other, helpful business tips and topics.

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