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How to Make a Call Online

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How to Make a Call Online

how to make a call onlineIf you’ve ever heard of technologies like VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), or any other cloud-based telecommunications, is has probably been because that’s how to make a call online. The increasing popularity of cloud-based communications and hosted telephony has made it so that businesses and individuals alike have been saving enormous sums of money because they’ve found out how to make a call online. Making a call online isn’t as complicated as the acronyms above suggest it might be, however, so we’re going to outline some of the easiest ways people can choose to enter into the hosted telecommunications arena.

There’s Only One Way How to Make a Call Online

Well, not necessarily. Though there are many methods to make an online call, they all have one thing in common. At the most basic level, all of the most popular methods used to make a call online rely on one consistent technological theme. Specifically, this is that all hosted telephone calls or calls made online, rely on using data connections over the internet instead of wired connections through telephone lines. Hosted telephone calls don’t transmit electrical signals like the older calls from yesteryear because digital transmissions need to be able to span to anywhere there is a data connection and that’s not too dissimilar to the technology behind an email or an online fax. But this process of connecting to either a wired telephone or to another web-enabled which can include mobile users or those in remote areas. Obviously, telecom companies wouldn’t want to string wires across the globe to all of those possible endpoints anymore than that would be feasible financially or logistically. Therefore, making an online call entails a conversion of the voice data from a call into digital packets of information that are disassembled, transferred to the receiving party, and reassembled all at lightning speed and with crystal clear, high definition audio quality.

The Best Way How to Make a Call Online

The best way how to make a call online is less of a technology and more of a consideration for what is being conducted over an internet connection. Any web-based telephone call from either a softphone, a VoIP desktop phone, or even from a free web phone all needs to have some specific accommodations made in order to preserve the highest-quality voice connections. This is because most network connections that are established prior to having accommodations made to make online phone calls aren’t optimized for voice traffic. This doesn’t mean that voice traffic is excessively burdensome to a network, quite the contrary in fact. What it does mean is that data-heavy behavior like video streaming or file sharing can negatively impact the quality of a voice connection. This is easily addressed, however, with the aid of a quick network bandwidth assessment to determine if bandwidth is prioritized for voice or if it’s a free-for-all. If further apportionment of the data connection is required, a simple network remediation can be applied in as little as a few hours, depending on the size of the network and the volume of the data traffic. Either way, the point is that regardless of the methods used to connect to voice conversations, ensuring a data connection is optimized for voice first is the best way how to make a call online.

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