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What’s the Best Conference Call Service for You?

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What’s the Best Conference Call Service for You?

Best Conference Call ServiceSelecting the best conference call service for your business can feel daunting. It doesn’t have to be.

Today, we’ll try to make that task a little easier by breaking down three important factors you should take into consideration before choosing a conference calling provider.

Keep in mind the size of your business, your meeting schedule, and the current setup of your phone system as we walk through this issue.

Your Business’s Size and Meeting Schedule

Conference calling isn’t just for large organizations. Although big companies have many opportunities to connect more than two people in a meeting, startups with only a CEO and CTO conduct their fair share of conferences as well.

Either of those style companies could hold meetings several times a week or only once a month. Moreover, such meetings, no matter how frequent, could contain as few as three or potentially hundreds of employees or business officials.

Your own company will probably fall in between those extremes with regard to size and meeting frequency. What your unique situation reveals is the type of load you’ll place on a conferencing system.

When you want to determine the best conference call service for your business, you need to be specific about the load your company, large or small, will demand of its conferencing hardware and software.

Does Your Current Phone System Include Conferencing?

Like the size and meeting frequency of your business, the possibilities here reach beyond a simple binary answer. “Yes, but…” or “No, but…” probably come to mind when you think about the conferencing services you use and your motivations for finding a new service. For simplicity, let’s break it down into three broad possibilities:

  • We pay an additional provider for conferencing.
  • Our provider charges an extra fee for conferencing.
  • We don’t currently have conferencing.

In all cases, you will want to ask yourself: “What is the way forward from here?” Our the VirtualPBX Business Phone System can address the struggles you may have with your current situation and give you an affordable, quick-to-set-up path forward.

If you pay another provider for conferencing, your business is probably spending more than it should. With Dash, it isn’t necessary to use two providers for basic phone service and conferencing. We bundle all our core phone plan features with Conferencing for a low standard fee – so you don’t just get the best conference call service, you get the best voice, texting, and video service, too.

With any Dash plan, Conferencing is free. We don’t charge you extra for this essential feature.

Whether your small businesses or enterprise wants to switch providers or begin your first-ever hosted voice contract, we’re standing by. You can easily gain all the benefits listed above and learn more about our offering by visiting the Dash Signup Page, emailing our sales team, or starting an online chat with a sales representative.

Picture the Best Conference Call Service for You

You should now be more aware of your business’s basic requirements for a conferencing phone system. The size of your outfit informs your meeting schedule, which ultimately has created your current situation regarding how your employees handle calls.

If possible, try to work within your situation by choosing a service provider that can fit your budget and offer key features such as call recording, a mobile app, and of course the best conference call service for you. VirtualPBX will work with your business to give you the calling features you need at a price that won’t make you faint. We hope you’ll choose us when considering a new conference call provider. Of course – you don’t need to take our word for it – check out our reviews on Sourceforge.

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