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Zapier Webinar Recording: Watch the Replay from This Week

Zapier Webinar

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Zapier Webinar Recording: Watch the Replay from This Week

Zapier Webinar RecordingIt’s here! The recording for our new webinar series, VirtualPBX Features Showcase: Getting Started with Zapier Integrations, is available now for your playback.

This webinar is the first in a line of episodes that will discuss VoIP basics, how-to’s, and best practices. They will also include demos of new features and updates, giving you a closer peek behind the curtains and inside the minds of the VirtualPBX teams.

Introduction to Integrations in the Zapier Webinar Recording

How does this work? In this Zapier webinar recording, Chief Marketing Officer Rachel Anderson breaks down how your phone system and business apps can integrate successfully with Zapier to create more efficient automation processes.

Automation can streamline the customer experience and internal processes, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks. It also produces and presents data that allows businesses to make better decisions without the manual, repetitive data pulling.

  • Reports: Send Call Data to Google Sheets (+ BONUS Data Studio Dashboard)
  • Notifications: Send Call Center Agent Status to Slack
  • Workflow: Create a Trello Task to Follow Up on Missed Calls
  • Communication: Send Appointment Reminders via SMS

When to Use Zapier

How to get more, exactly, is a good question. The best part of using a tool like Zapier is creating automation without being a coding genius. That’s right. It requires no coding or engineering background and testing while creating brings your vision to life. During the Zapier webinar recording, Rachel mentioned two options that are available using Zapier with VirtualPBX, both of which are included across all VirtualPBX Business Phone Plans:

  • Zapier: 6 triggers and 1 action
  • Webhooks: over 50 triggers

Utilizing the Data

With over 4,000 applications in Zapier, the options really are endless with where and how your company can integrate with the tools they are already using.

Per VirtualPBX CMO Rachel Anderson, you’re not flying blind with Zapier. Check out the Zapier webinar recording here, and be sure to keep an eye out for our next webinar!

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