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Use a Temporary Phone Setup for Your Voter Registration Drive

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Use a Temporary Phone Setup for Your Voter Registration Drive

Casting a Paper Ballot - Organize Your Voter Registration DriveWe’re getting close to the national election date of November 3rd, 2020. Are you ready to hold your voter registration drive?

It only takes a few minutes to set up a temporary VirtualPBX Phone Plan for your cause, and we’d be happy to help you get running right away. Our plans don’t cost a lot, yet they’re flexible enough to begin service immediately and powerful enough to include features like Call Forwarding and softphone use so you can use the personal phones you already own.

Most states have a registration deadline that sits between 15 and 30 days before election day. Let’s get you ready to help voters before the pressure of your state’s deadline sets in.

Temporary Use of Our Phone System

At VirtualPBX, we don’t require an annual commitment to use our phone plans. You can begin service at any time and sign up for only a month’s worth of service, extending your plan each month for only as long as necessary.

Speak to Our Sales Team Today

VirtualPBX SoftphoneOur Sales team is able to help you through setup immediately. We know that grassroots organizations can be pressured for time and don’t always have a lot of resources, so we want to make the signup process as quick and easy as possible.

A quick conversation with Sales can help you pick the right plan for your situation, which if you expect to see a high call volume, will lean you toward our Unlimited Minutes Plans. These plans give you unlimited calling minutes, begin with an included five phone numbers (for local and toll-free options), and allow your organization to make calls from their personal devices.

Turn It Off When You’re Done

Regardless of when your voter registration drive begins, our plans will adopt to the duration of your efforts.

You can begin today and stay active for the next three months. Or create a lightning-quick campaign in October and stay with us for only the next month. Either way, you will have access to all the features our plans have to offer your organization.

Phone Numbers on Your Plan

Over the phone, you may perform many distinct tasks during your voter registration drive. This could include providing the public with basic information like registration dates, checking their voting status, or creating appointments to update their information in person.

All our plans grant your organization several features that will help with these types of situations.

Local and Toll-Free Numbers

Every VirtualPBX Phone Plan comes with at least one included phone number. Our Unlimited Minutes Plans start with five phone numbers, and you can choose between local and toll-free numbers when getting started.

The use of local numbers might be useful to your voter registration drive to create a local presence in your community. If your organization is small, it may only seek to help voters in a specific district of town. Your advertising might not reach beyond the boundaries of that district, so your phone number(s) can stay local to show your connection to the community.

Alternatively, you can offer voters toll-free numbers to give them easy access to your group regardless of their style of phone plan. Some voters who only have access to landline service might not be able to call long distance; a toll-free number lets those individuals make contact with your people without the worry of additional calling costs.

Vanity Numbers

Toll-free numbers can also be established as vanity numbers. As an example, the vanity number 1-800-YOU-VOTE could help your campaign be easier to reach by being more recognizable.

You can check the availability of toll-free numbers in the link above. Our helpful search tool lets you see whether or not you can use a specific number with your phone plan.

Use Your Own Phone

It’s not always feasible for small organizations to supply their own desk phones. Luckily, we don’t require desk phones for use with VirtualPBX Plans, and we offer several other options that let you keep your own phone. All the options here also work with basic call routing through Ring Groups so you can distribute inbound calls evenly to your entire group.

VirtualPBX Mobile Softphone

Our VirtualPBX Softphone runs on Android and iOS devices and works with all our phone plans. It can use WiFi or mobile data to handle calls from the local and toll-free numbers associated with your account.

VirtualPBX Web Phone

VirtualPBX Web PhoneOur Web Phone runs in modern web browsers like Chrome and Firefox. You can use it within your phone’s mobile browser and within laptop computers, making this a great choice for groups that already make heavy use of computers for their campaigns. It also uses WiFi or mobile data for calling.

Call Forwarding

You can also forward all inbound calls to your personal phones. Regardless of the type of phone, our Call Forwarding feature can send all calls directed to your VirtualPBX account to your phone of choice. For voter registration drives that don’t intent to make outbound calls, this option is an effective way to connect voters with drive organizers without having to download an app or log in to an account.

Get Started Today

There aren’t many days left before voter registration closes. You can get running with a powerful phone system today.

You can create your account immediately by signing up online. We’re also always available through web chat, phone, and email and happy to help you choose the plan that best fits the needs of your voter registration drive.

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