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VirtualPBX Reports – Part 2, Call Reports

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VirtualPBX Reports – Part 2, Call Reports

In our previous post, we detailed four great reports available to all Virtual PBX customers – the Extension Incoming Call Report, Extension Call Summary Report, Call Arrival Pattern Report, and Queue Call Summary Report.  But it doesn’t stop there. There’s much more data that we have available!

It’s one thing to keep track of all the calls that come into the phone system as well as the extensions.  But keeping track of outbound calls is just as important and is incredibly easy.  With the Extension Outbound Call Report you can keep track of outbound calls performed by each extension owner, the date and time the call occurred, phone number the extension owner dialed, and the total length of the call.

Are the employees who are taking calls through your ACD queues answering calls within a reasonable amount of time?  Are they spending too much or too little time on the phone with customers?   The Agent Call Report will show you each extension owner’s total time logged into an ACD Queue, average time on a call, the longest time on a call and how quickly they answer the phone. Also available in this report is total talk time and total inbound calls to the extension owner for the time period of the report.

This final report, the Abandoned Call Report, will help you identify how many calls were abandoned for specific ACD Queues.  Easily determine whether extension owners are answering their calls quickly enough or if you need more agents in the queue.  This report displays the date and time of the call, the Virtual PBX phone number the call came in on, the inbound caller ID, the ACD Queue the caller selected, the total call duration, as well as the reason for the abandoned call – such as no extension owners were available in the queue, queue timeout period exceeded, etc.

With Virtual PBX Reports you can quickly analyze your call traffic, make adjustments to your Virtual PBX phone service, and thus address performance issues before they negatively impact your business.  No other hosted phone service provides the depth of reporting, ease of management, and enterprise-class reliability like Virtual PBX.

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