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Helpful Remote Work Resources – E-Book Chapter 7

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Helpful Remote Work Resources – E-Book Chapter 7

VirtualPBX Remote Team Management E-Book CoverThis is the final chapter of our e-book, Managing Remote Teams. We want to share some important remote work resources with you.

Although we can’t hope to list all the tools all our employees use every day, we have listed in Chapter 7 an extensive collection of important tools to both individuals and the entire VirtualPBX company.

Our vast cabinet of experience points us individually in the right directions, and as a company, we have thrived by making good choices with our remote work tools. We hope the list provided in our final e-book chapter will give you something new to try with your own business as you continue to work remotely.

Some of Our Favorite 3rd-Party Resources

We often use our own VirtualPBX tools for handling calls and creating company reports. However, we know that we can’t survive as a company without the online software others have built.

A few features here are listed among several others in our final e-book chapter:


We use the Google Suite of online software like Docs and Sheets to collaborate on documents throughout the day.

The use of this resource spans the entire company. Our marketing team has managed this e-book through a Google Doc. Our sales team uses Google Sheets to manage parts of customer journeys. Our development team even tracks changes to our Unlimited Minutes and Unlimited Users Plans as they evolve with new features and improved pricing.


You will find Intercom chat software across our entire website.

This software is a useful path for potential and existing customers to keep in touch with our team. Whether they need assistance with choosing a new phone plan or want to troubleshoot an issue, we make ourselves available 24/7 with this helpful remote work resource.


One of the newest additions to our company toolbelt, we like Airtable because it’s so extensible.

Oftentimes, Airtable is used to track projects and tasks – we definitely use it for that purpose. But we also use it to construct much more complex tools like our SMS Airtable Template that businesses can use to manage their inbound and outbound text messages sent through our Business SMS feature.

Managing Remote Teams E-Book Chapter 7 Pull Quote

A Conclusion to an Important Journey

Our Managing Remote Teams E-Book was completed as the first of its kind. This is a step forward for our marketing department and for outreach as a company.

We enjoy trying new things and providing useful information to our customers and website visitors. This e-book spanned 7 chapters in total. Here’s what you can see in the previous six:

  • Chapter 1: An overview of remote team management
  • Chapter 2: Hiring remote employees
  • Chapter 3: Creating an ideal work environment
  • Chapter 4: Management’s role in remote team success
  • Chapter 5: Business process analysis
  • Chapter 6: Improving and maintaining remote team morale

Managing Remote Teams E-Book Chapter 7 - VirtualPBX Features Collage

Use These Remote Work Resources and More

You can download our e-book today to gain immediate access to all the topics above.

In listing these remote work resources, and in addressing all the topics contained in previous chapters, we have primarily reached out to managers and team leaders. Still, that doesn’t mean this was written only for their benefit.

There’s something here for everyone to learn who is working remotely. Team leaders and all employees can learn about the expectations of a remote work setup so making the switch to remote can be fluid and straightforward. Check out our e-book today to bolster or refresh your knowledge of the process.

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