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Dash Business Phone System Interface

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Phone System Reliability Shapes Our Relationships With Clients

CML Security Logo - CML Praised Phone System Reliability in Recent Case Study InterviewOf all the elements that are part of our relationships with businesses, our phone system reliability and usability are often deemed the most important.

We can impress clients with advanced Dash Phone System Features like Call Recording and CRM Integration, and make no mistake, we’re proud of those advancements. Before any of that becomes a focus, however, our system must function well as a carrier of voice calls. It must perform as expected when clients dial an office extension or when customer service agents wait for inbound calls from customers.

Phone system reliability and usability are paramount. It’s what makes our service stand out among the competition and gives our clients, like CML Security, reason to speak positively about their time with us.

Switching to Dash

We recently completed an interview with Scott Moore, the IT Generalist at CML. He handles all functions of information technology at the company – from customer support to printer installation to adding new phone system users.

Moore had used our legacy phone system, vConsole, and witnessed the switch from that system to our new platform, Dash. This is an upgrade many customers are making. His reaction to the process?

“I like the Dash interface better,” he said. “It’s more visual and laid out a lot better.”

VirtualPBX vConsole vs Dash Dashboards

While this is great news, we wanted to also know the ways in which CML uses its phones most often. And that response?

They complete and receive hundreds of inbound and outbound calls every day.

The Ordinary as Extraordinary

On the surface, that use is anything but extraordinary. Yet that exterior necessarily leads to something deeper. It leads to a phone system reliability that keeps each one of the hundreds of calls accessible and clear.

“We set it up,” Moore remarked about the switch to Dash, “and it just goes. I have no problems with the system. The call quality is clear, and the system works well.”

Moore continued by comparing our system to other voice services he’d used in the past.

“We’ve had no issues like ‘the phones sound awful’ or ‘the system isn’t working like it should.’”

Striving for Phone System Reliability

What we strive for at VirtualPBX is a phone system reliability that’s measurable to 99.999%. This means we reach the gold standard of only 5 minutes per year of downtime.

This does more than put us at the top of our class. We pass along the benefits of reliability to every one of our customers. Enterprises can expect their call centers to remain functional during peak hours. Entrepreneurs will have a consistent lifeline to their early supporters. And midsize operations like CML can keep in touch with their own business customers, which you can read more about here in the full CML case study.

It’s great to hear that our system is working as expected. Although that isn’t the usual, flashy talking point heard in the industry, there’s honestly not much more exciting in the business community than “it just works.”