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Compare Our Mobile Business Phone Service Options

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Compare Our Mobile Business Phone Service Options

Commuter Talking on a Phone - VirtualPBX Offers Several Mobile Business Phone Service OptionsAt VirtualPBX, we’re well aware that employees need the flexibility to make calls within and outside the office. Our mobile business phone service options – VirtualPBX Web Phone, the VirtualPBX Softphone App, and VirtualPBX Mobile – all work with our Dash Business Phone Plans to create that flexibility.

All these device options work normally as devices in our phone plans. They can be listed within Ring Groups and dialed from your Automated Attendant.

That said, with multiple choices, there must be differences between each device. There are, and today’s blog explains how any one of our services could be the best choice for you.

VirtualPBX Web Phone

VirtualPBX Web PhoneWe consider our Web Phone to be a great all-around digital phone for making calls on any device.

As a mobile business phone service option, Web Phone stands out by attaching itself to software you likely already use. It runs in popular web browsers like Chrome and Firefox, so you can have a full-featured device work in a browser tab alongside your other online services and websites.

This means that it fits well inside your smartphone when you’re on a commute. Then it will continue to work on a desktop or laptop when you return to the office.

Our recent upgrade of Web Phone makes it possible for you to manage voicemail inside the phone’s dashboard. The code base of the updated Web Phone also lays the foundation for texting (SMS) and CRM integration inside your browser.

If you’re looking for a versatile browser-based phone that has the potential to grow quickly with the features of your phone plan, Web Phone is a great pick.

VirtualPBX Softphone App

VirtualPBX Softphone AppFor businesses that don’t use mobile browsers often, our Softphone App has a lot to offer.

The VirtualPBX Softphone App comes in two distinct forms: A desktop version and mobile version. What you’ll find from the mobile version is one app for Android and one for iOS. This means that the application will work natively on any Android or Apple device and, as a result, will be quick and responsive when you complete calls.

The VirtualPBX Softphone App is a good choice for mobile business phone service because it can separate incoming calls to your business number without disrupting other applications. Unlike Web Phone, which requires a web browser to be active, the Softphone is less intrusive in that it can wait for incoming calls without attaching itself to other applications.

You can access your company directory and easily complete calls to other extensions with a single button push. A complete history of outbound calls (both answered and missed calls) is also available inside the app’s dashboard.

If you want native performance in a full-featured phone, and if a browser-based phone doesn’t fit your needs, our VirtualPBX Softphone can easily keep you connected on the go and in the office.

VirtualPBX Mobile

VirtualPBX MobileYour third choice for a mobile business phone service option is VirtualPBX Mobile.

VirtualPBX Mobile differs primarily from the options listed above in that it’s not an application.

When you sign up for VirtualPBX Mobile, you receive a SIM card that automatically connects to your account. You then place that SIM card in any compatible smartphone to gain a separate local phone number on your chosen phone.

We have paired with a national mobile service provider to offer 4G LTE through VirtualPBX Mobile. This means that you gain the voice minutes your Dash Plan allows, which is unlimited for local calls on most of our plans. It also gives you 1 GB of data for each Mobile user on your account.

If you want to separate you personal phone from work phone, VirtualPBX Mobile fits that ideal. It lets you take our voice service across the U.S. without compromising access or requiring special application use.

Which Mobile Business Phone Service is Best for You?

There are clear distinctions between each of the mobile options we offer. You can stay in the browser, use a native mobile app, or gain an entire mobile phone altogether.

All that’s left is a decision about what’s right for your business. Is it one or maybe a mix of all three options?

Get a quote from our Sales team today or sign up for a free demo to try any of our mobile products. We’ll personally show you around and discuss your business’s situation. There’s no obligation to buy.

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