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Managing a Remote Workforce with Small Business VoIP

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Managing a Remote Workforce with Small Business VoIP

Managing a Remote Workforce with Small Business VoIPToday’s small business has become much more sophisticated than the mom-and-pop, family-owned businesses of yesteryear. By providing flexible workplaces and a rich, bureaucracy-free environment, employers are able to attract top talent from all over the country and the world, thus also opening the door for a remote workforce contingent. Today’s small businesses may manage a remote workforce separated by time zones rather than cubicle walls. Small Business VoIP that provides a flexible and affordable way to stay connected with employees goes above and beyond the capabilities of a traditional phone system.

VoIP technology phone services deliver network communication features that used to be reserved for large Fortune 500 enterprises. By utilizing Internet connections, rather than complicated servers and legacy PSTN phone lines, small business VoIP allows entrepreneurs to efficiently manage international teams and foster productive collaboration without relying on expensive infrastructure.

Modern small business VoIP products like VirtualPBX Anywhere provide communication features that are specifically designed to improve management of remote or mobile workers. Features like call routing, conferencing and softphone capability allow unparalleled access to workers in remote locations by turning smartphones and laptops into natural extensions of the office phone system. Minimum setup, a lack of hardware and a ready, responsive support staff mean ease of use and unparalleled dependability in any location reachable by 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi service.

By shifting from traditional, complicated phone systems to VoIP technology, small businesses provide their employees with the ability to work from multiple locations while maintaining the productivity normally associated with working in the corporate office. Simultaneously, the flexibility of modern VoIP products allows virtually seamless integration of existing mobile devices to ensure efficient and effective management of remote workers at a fraction of the cost of legacy hardware.

As a result, VoIP allows small business owners to cut costs and attract diverse talent to drive growth within their enterprise.

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