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Is This Thing On?

Call Recording

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Is This Thing On?

Business Phone Call Recording

Call Recording FeatureWe live in a work-from-home world where business phone call meetings are a given. And exciting opportunities have presented themselves in these virtual meetings, one of which is Call Recording —no more missing a vital moment or forgetting a crucial piece of information.

The ability to record a video or call session with coworkers or clients can be a helpful assist when it comes to improving training strategies, quality of service, or just when you need a refresher. It truly opens up a whole new world in communicating effectively with customers and teammates, providing accountability and transparency at the push of a button.

Can You Hear Me?

A telephone-recording service allows users to record, store, replay, and manage conversations with ease, thanks to the robust VirtualPBX interface. But how does it work?

Like all VirtualPBX’s technology, the call recording feature can be customized to your preferences. Any extension that you’ve permitted to access call records can playback, download, sort, or delete as much or as little of the record library as you see fit. You are the owner of this destiny and how you want it to work.

Can You Hear Me GraphicThis includes giving each department its specific settings, too. For example, you could turn on all calls recorded for your customer service department but exclude ones for the accounting or sales teams.

Should You Hear Me?

Depending on where your business has a residence, your answer to “Is it legal to record phone calls?” could be different than what you expect. And at VirtualPBX, there is no default legal disclaimer allowing viewers to know that they are being recorded, which could be an uh-oh if consent isn’t presented upfront.

This means it is up to you to complete your due diligence concerning capturing conversations legally, and your local legal counsel is the first place to look when considering recordings for your own business. Customers wishing to use this feature should update their system greetings or ringback audio to comply with their local and state regulations or laws.

If you aren’t sure about the type of consent you fall under, Digital Media Law Project offers a detailed look at what one-party consent and two-party consent laws mean.

Back to the Future

There is so much to Call Recording besides the above. There is no more confusion about agenda topics or “I don’t think I said that” conversations. It provides an accuracy like never before. Imagine forgetting about a particular service order, and you didn’t write it down. Don’t panic because you can push some buttons and Marty McFly that scenario with Call Recording.

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