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Hello VirtualText!

Business text Messaging App

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Hello VirtualText!

VirtualText App AnnouncementWe have some exciting news to share with all of you. Introducing our powerful standalone feature, the VirtualText App. Business texting for offices, restaurants, delivery services, and the list goes on. That’s right, we upped the ante and are giving customers early release access for this nifty new product. Chief Marketing Officer Rachel Anderson had this to say about the news: “We are so excited for this early release opening of the VirtualText App to our customers. At VirtualPBX, we pride ourselves on listening closely to what our customers need to succeed. This new endeavor enhances our communications and will open up more opportunities for us to explore as a company.” What exactly do you mean by the VirtualText App? Glad you asked. Time is money, and like you, sometimes people need their business communications to be flexible in real-time. The VirtualText App provides more support for this to happen. It will allow you to share business numbers across groups to enhance communication with customers, associates, and more.

Meet VirtualText

You can send and receive text messages on your main business phone number and enable users to text from their unique local or toll-free phone numbers. It goes beyond basic text capabilities and elevates your business functionality. We are talking canned responses for common questions to Webhooks and API integrations from the push of a button. Whether a restaurant owner or a small doctor’s office, the VirtualText App can manage multiple messages across various devices—all your conversations in one place. Let’s pull back the curtain and show you what VirtualText brings to the plate. VirtualText Banner Image

VirtualText Appointment Reminders

The missed appointment is a hassle for any business, and it is detrimental to any industry when customers are no-shows. VirtualText App lets you send automatic appointment reminders and confirmations to your customers. That doesn’t mean it will alleviate all missed appointments (wouldn’t that be lovely), but our text messaging helps schedule out bulk reminders with the ease of one portal. In other words, more power.

Curbside Convenience

If the pandemic showed us anything, it was the bliss of curbside pickup. Seriously, the ability to pull up without leaving the vehicle is heavenly for those on the go. Therefore, it makes sense that VirtualText helps your customers do the same. As mentioned before, having real-time notifications sent over text messaging will help time management. VirtualText provides canned responses that immediately activate through keyword push notifications as a bonus. You can track the progress and know when they arrive to pick up their purchase.

Your Package Has Arrived

Online shopping is one of the biggest moneymakers for any business industry. And efficiently navigating and following all those shipping orders is a bonus. The VirtualText App will take your customers through the package journey from the moment it leaves distribution. This text messaging application is always in sync with your mobile app, meaning delivery drivers can notify the customer the second the package is at their front door with a photo. No muss, no fuss.

The VirtualText App delivers SMS and MMS messaging with support for multi-user management of conversations with all of your contacts. See there. We just made your business better. Now it is your turn to check out what else the VirtualText App will bring to you and your customers. Sign up for early access now.

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