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Feature Comparison: Follow Me Calling vs Hot Desking

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Feature Comparison: Follow Me Calling vs Hot Desking

Business TravelFor over 200,000 employees of businesses across the globe, the VirtualPBX suite of features is an irreplaceable tool for their day-to-day operations. For millions more, though, they may not even realize how a hosted telephone system can benefit them. For these folks, and for those who haven’t tried each and every one of our terrific features, we have this feature comparison on Follow Me Calling vs Hot Desking.

Forward and Receive Calls To Anywhere

In a nutshell, both Hot Desking and Follow Me Calling are emblematic of the true advantage of a virtual telephone system in that they are both ways to work from anywhere. Being tethered to an onsite PBX prevents employees from traveling with the flexibility that comes from a hosted communications solution, and both of these features free businesses from those types of restrictions. But there are a couple of distinct differences between the two features that make them appropriate for different types of situations.

Where are You Going to Be?

This is a question that some mobile employees or digital nomads can never answer with confidence, but it’s also the crux of determining which advanced call forwarding system is right for you. Follow Me Calling allows an employee to program a cascading series of numbers (up to 8 different locations or devices) to ring sequentially in order to find where they are at. This is great for employees who generally know all of the places they might be at, even if they aren’t sure when they’ll be there.

Conversely, Hot Desking allows employees to assign any phone in the world to be their current “desk phone” even if they had no intention of being there for the moment. The benefit of Hot Desking is that an employee can assign as many different numbers in a day as he or she wants and they can continue to bounce around to wherever their work takes them.

Tip of the Iceberg

Whether you’re a Follow Me Calling devotee or are more into the idea of Hot Desking, the results are the same- VirtualPBX gives you the power to work on your schedule, on your terms, and on your turf. Even if that turf happens to be the airport hotel in Atlanta because your flight got pushed back a day. The best thing is that these two unique features are just a pair of the dozens of ways that a VirtualPBX communications platform can help you do your best work, from wherever you need to be doing it.

For a complete list of all of VirtualPBX’s great features, visit our benefits section. And for more tips on how to work on the go, be sure to follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook for the latest useful information for business travel.

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