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Feature Codes for Business Phones, Because Life’s Too Short for User Manuals

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Feature Codes for Business Phones, Because Life’s Too Short for User Manuals

Feature CodesOver 20 years ago, we started a business with a simple idea; Let businesses harness the power of the cloud for their communications. Of course, there was a lot yet to learn about the technology behind VoIP that was, for many people, still really quite new. But the idea behind that was simple, and sure enough, it turned out to be really quite popular, too! Fast forward a couple of decades and the power of the cloud has been almost infinitely expandable into newer and better business communications platforms. When we set out a few years ago to change the way people interact with their hosted business phones by revolutionizing the design and interface of their VoIP portal, we were motivated by one thing- simplicity. Dash business phone plans accomplish that with ease, and the user-friendly design of the Dash portal democratizes cloud communications like nothing before it. Now you don’t need to an engineer to use your telephone because, come on, it’s a telephone. We didn’t think it should be too difficult. But now, we want to remind you of one of the less glitzy but equally important features of Dash that make it so simple to use, specifically, Feature Codes.

Feature Codes for Dash

We built Dash to be as easy to navigate as your own office space. With well-designed menus that offer logical and intuitive pathways to managing your phone system with ease, we’re confident you won’t find a more user-friendly system out there. But what if you don’t even want to log into Dash to manage calls and features? We get it, sometimes life is really too short to be fiddling around with anything other than the conversation in front of you. For those times, it’s useful to know which Feature Codes to use to get the job done right from your phone. That’s right, as long as your VoIP desktop phone is provisioned for your VirtualPBX Dash Plan, which, assuming you’re using Dash, is guaranteed, you can complete a variety of functions right from your dial pad. Want to forward a call? Just pressing “*72” makes that no problem! Sending a caller to voicemail? You can “**” them right there in a jiffy! In fact, you can complete such an array of functions with Feature Codes that you could even consider jotting them down so you can remember them all. Wait, it turns out we’ve already done that for you here with our Dash Feature Codes cheat sheet. No matter how you remember them, though, it’s a great idea to familiarize yourself with this additional way to streamline your business communications.

What Other Features or Feature Codes Would You Like?

We’re constantly reviewing feature suggestions and trying out our latest beta programs with our customers. If you’d like to contribute to the discussion, too, we’d love to have you. You can add any thoughts you have, sign up for beta programs, or simply just see what we have in the works for new products and features by reviewing our VirtualPBX Product Roadmap on Trello. This is your one-stop shop for all of your VirtualPBX future projects information, and we’re always happy to discuss your thoughts there. Of course, for some of you, you may want to reach out using social media instead, so we’re always around on Twitter and Facebook, too. No matter how you do it, though, we’d be happy to help you save time be it with Feature Codes or another useful VoIP feature. All you have to do is ask!

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