Dynamic Call Routing With ACD Queues on VirtualPBX Advanced

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Dynamic Call Routing With ACD Queues on VirtualPBX Advanced

Person dialing on smartphone - Dynamic Call Routing with ACD QueuesMidsize and large business are labeled as such because of their product output and number of employees. They could also be labeled that way because of their inbound call volume, which is why we offer dynamic call routing through ACD Queues on our VirtualPBX Advanced plan.

On the Advanced plan, businesses can add as many queues as they need to their plan. ACD Queues work as an extension to the functionality of the Auto Attendant and offer intelligent call routing based on criteria such as the person who’s the most idle or who has taken the least number of calls.

Queues give administrators fine-grained control over their inbound call traffic by assuring that callers will reach agents in a timely manner and calls will be distributed evenly among a crew.

Let’s take a look at the benefits administrators can gain with dynamic call routing at larger businesses.

Administration on Autopilot

Think back, once more, to your Automated Attendant. It handles your inbound calls by leading customers through a phone tree to reach the proper department.

Callers will reach Sales or Support like they intend, but from there it becomes less exact. If you have 20 Support agents, who will pick up the phone?

Auto Attendant can lead callers to the proper starting place – like a collection of agents in a department. ACD Queues makes sure agents receive calls in an ordered manner. They comprise the autopilot that is your call routing system.

Even Call Distribution

Business administrators can assign individuals to an ACD Queue for intelligent distribution of calls, including:

  • Round Robin for random call distribution
  • Least Calls to reach an agent who’s been offered the fewest number of calls
  • Least Offers to reach the agent who has answered the fewest number of calls
  • Most Idle to reach the agent who hasn’t answered a call for the longest period of time

VirtualPBX ACD Queues DemonstrationAdministration Failsafes

Then phone system admins can make sure their dynamic call routing uses failsafes to keep the autopilot on track.

In particular, they can set and define:

  • Escalation Queue to define an alternate queue for when the primary queue is busy
  • Wrap Up Time to define a period of time between when an agent ends a call and must start another
  • Queue Timeout for defining how long a caller will wait before entering an escalation queue or voicemail
  • Agent Connect Timeout to set the length of time a call will wait for an agent to answer

Altogether, these controls and settings make sure businesses can accept inbound calls in a manner that suits them. Whether they want to manage 20 agents or simply handle multiple voicemail boxes in a more intelligent manner, ACD Queues steps forward.

Dynamic Call Routing for Larger Businesses

Why did we decide to offer ACD Queues as a default option for our new Advanced plan?

Simply put: This is the group that needs it most. Queues of this fashion aren’t something that would benefit entrepreneurs or small businesses.

Businesses can add a queue to their Advanced plan for only $39.99 per month. Additional queues can be added for the same amount. And any users on a business’s plan can be listed as an agent in any queue.

A Matter of Volume

Larger businesses accept a number of demands that smaller outfits don’t have to contend with. Midsize and large businesses hire dozens, maybe hundreds, of employees to deal with a range of issues, including specifically handling customer concerns.

That employee volume – and more salient, that expected call volume – doesn’t exist for single-person shops. The smallest of businesses find success in much smaller quantities of products, customers, and calls. Therefore, they don’t yet reach the volumes that ACD Queues were built to handle.

Try For Yourself

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