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Data Integration Tools & The VirtualPBX API

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Data Integration Tools & The VirtualPBX API

VirtualPBX Logo - Data Integration Tools Help Your Business Connect ApplicationsMany of the business services you use are online. You collaborate through video streaming; share multi-user, online documents like spreadsheets; and store files in cloud servers. Data integration tools make it possible to connect the information that’s stored in, and travels through, these mediums.

VirtualPBX phone plans also work as an online service. The underlying platform that runs our Business Phone Plans, called Dash, includes an API that we use internally to pass information from one part of the system to another – such as when you transfer a call. The API makes our system flexible, and it helps us integrate with other data integration tools to make your phone plans work well for your business.

Our COO, Lon Baker, explains briefly how our API helps us upgrade our phone plan features, build custom features for our customers, and integrate with third-party services like Zapier:

Zapier: Perfect for Beginners

Baker mentions Zapier as a service that helps businesses transfer data from one location to another. Zapier offers a free service tier so anyone can test the product or use it lightly to conduct basic operations. Power users can also upgrade to professional plans that allow for high volume and complex data manipulation.

Our Zapier Integration uses our Dash API to let you send data to other services when your business receives a call, ends a call, receives a voicemail, and more. It can even handle the receipt of texts in conjunction with our Business SMS feature.

Data integration tools like Zapier let us help businesses small and large integrate their phone services with online tools they already use. Our Zapier template can, for instance, log inbound calls in a Google Sheet or note voicemail receipts in a Trello card. You can also build your own custom workflows to make the most of the services you’re already familiar with.

Zapier Workflow Example

VirtualPBX API: For Pros and Custom Solutions

Additionally, Baker points out that the VirtualPBX API works well for developers that need to build custom data integration tools that go beyond what a pre-built service like Zapier can achieve.

Our Zapier Integration is powerful and can help a large percentage of business use cases. We can’t, however, predict your specific needs as an enterprising organization.

Maybe you’re building a new product the world has never seen. That’s great! We offer you our API in case you need it to bring your product to life.

Our API helps many of our expert customers handle tasks like contact center maintenance and creating complex call flows for their inbound traffic. We have even used it internally to build tools that customers have requested.

VirtualPBX Airtable SMS Tool

Need More Customization? We Can Help.

In addition to our Business Phone Plans, we also offer Custom Voice Solutions as a way to let us help you with complex situations.

You might be that company with a great new idea but without the time to spend developing a custom phone system setup. No worries! We can build you something custom in as small or large a package as you need.

One example is the SMS Tool we built as an Airtable template that handles both receipt and sending of SMS text messages.

We initially built that tool at the request of a customer. Now, as you can see in the blog post linked above, you can build one yourself or have us easily replicate a similar tool for your own business.

If you have a need for a phone system that doesn’t do what we already offer through our list of plans, we’d love to build it for you.

Contact Us for Data Integration

Whether you want to get started with Zapier, access our API to build your own product, or have us help you build a custom voice system, we’d like to talk to you.

Get in touch today to start a conversation with our team. We can discuss your unique use case and set up a Free Demo or schedule an in-depth call with our development experts.

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