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Connection is Key

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Connection is Key

Holiday Communications Survival Mode

Holiday CommunicationsSmall businesses must prepare for the increased volume the holidays bring by maximizing internal and external communication needs in today’s challenging business environment. From the website to phones to texting, connecting is even more essential than ever to succeed.

As a business owner, adapting and changing at a moment’s notice will be crucial, and pregaming how your customers will want to communicate with you (and they will) is time worth investing. Coordinating shipments from suppliers and deliveries to customers will require timely and consistent contact to ensure your business lives up to customer expectations and demands.

Keeping up with your holiday communication connections can mean leveraging voice, video, or texting day or night, from wherever your team is operating.

Use Your Voice

More Voice = Less Headaches. The first place to start will be the phones your team uses. Leveraging voice means every employee has a phone, hardware or software-based, that keeps them connected with the real-time status of everyone else on their team. Ensuring your entire team can leverage voice to stay in sync with the demands of your business will go a long way to keeping things running more smoothly.

You’re on Camera

The next step in this process is taking advantage of video collaboration and text messaging. Not only does this extend the ability for your team to collaborate on solving problems, but the functionality of video and text will improve processes and help staff perform at their best when it counts the most.

You would be surprised how something as simple as sending a text message when a critical notice tags a key team member can make or break a customer relationship. Having a handle on sharing last-minute updates with your team will minimize mistakes and stress.

Power Up

Finally, the communication platform that powers voice, video, and text communications for your business needs to have powerful functionality. Key features such as real-time presence, hot desking, advanced call center features, all of which can extend through automation platforms such as Zapier or a public API.

At VirtualPBX, we connect our team using the VirtualPBX Softphone to provide real-time presence, voice, and video collaboration, as well as text messaging. Additionally, we empower team members to leverage Zapier to automate and improve processes across our company.

In short, don’t let disruptions send your business spinning. Prepping in business should be a year-round habit your business embraces so that when things do happen, everyone knows their responsibilities.

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