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Compare Our Unlimited VoIP Service With 8×8, RingCentral

VirtualPBX Business Phone Systems Review

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Compare Our Unlimited VoIP Service With 8×8, RingCentral

Unlimited VoIP Service - VirtualPBX Customer TestimonialAt VirtualPBX, we offer two sets of unlimited VoIP service options for your business. You can choose between plans that prioritize unlimited minutes and plans that allow unlimited users.

This setup stands in contrast to many of our competitors, such as RingCentral, which do not offer the choice for an unlimited number of users in their phone plans. Moreover, we don’t scale back our included features in any of our plan styles, so you can expect consistent, professional phone service no matter which option you try.

A complete picture of all our available plans can be found here in our Plan Comparison webpage. The following sections in today’s article will break down those unlimited VoIP service options and explain why your business would choose one set or the other for your business phone system.

Standard Features in All Phone Plans

While there is a distinct divide in our separation of phone plan types, we don’t skimp on the features available to all our plans.

We make sure all customers can begin making phone calls immediately with at least one included phone number and use of our full-featured Web Phone, which is available for use on any plan and comes included with our Unlimited Users Plans. Their calls can be routed through the Automated Attendant to reach individual user extensions or Ring Groups.

Send faxes digitally with Email to Fax. Hold Audio Conferences with your colleagues and customers. Automate your business tasks with our Zapier Integration. There are many more features to examine at our Features page. Our unlimited VoIP service, no matter which plan you choose, is underlined by important features that will help all businesses act professionally in all their company calls.

VirtualPBX Ring Groups Interface

Unlimited Minutes Plans

Our Unlimited Minutes Plans may be considered our most traditional set of business phone plans. They match our competitor’s plan styles by allowing your business complete freedom in completing local calls (those within the 48 contiguous U.S. states). You can initiate and receive as many calls as you need every month.

Yet as these plans stand next to our competitors, it’s easy to see where the similarities end and the differentiation that sets VirtualPBX apart from the pack begins.

Where These Plans Fit Best

This makes these plans great for businesses that have a large call volume each month. Whether you mostly engage in outbound marketing or instead see most of your customer traffic through inbound sales and support calls, these plans make sense.

Even the lowest-tier plan, Essentials, includes access to ACD Queues and Webhooks as additions to the base feature set. For many businesses, Essentials is enough to get them started with complex inbound call handling that routes their own customers to multiple departments or call center agents.

You can see in this plan table that we differentiate ourselves from the industry standard by not skimping on features or by hiding extra fees. You get 5 included phone numbers with Essentials because businesses need that many to support their marketing and sales efforts. You have immediate use of our Auto Attendant because all companies receive inbound calls they need to handle efficiently. You gain access to 24/7 Support because we know that troubleshooting takes place at all hours.

Our Advanced and Enterprise Plans step up the game even further. Their part in unlimited VoIP service comes by adding Call Recording, External Storage for recordings and voicemails, CRM integration, and API access as those tiers are used. These plans have been constructed for the largest and most demanding of customers – many of which are large enough to want to build their own voice applications and have hundreds of employees answering their phones.

Unlimited Users Plans

Our Unlimited Users Plans dial back this level of intensity somewhat. They instead cater to smaller businesses that don’t experience large call volumes.

These plans let your business add as many users as it needs. They have individual caps on their included local and toll-free calling minutes, combined at 300, 500, and 1000 minutes depending on the plan. They’re also created to be more affordable, and therefore more accessible, to businesses that are starting up.

How These Plans Hold Their Own

But don’t expect that these plans lessen the number of important business features they make available to your users. These minutes totals are more than enough for many small and midsize operations; every plan in this group still benefits from our extensive set of included features; and they make starting flexible operations like a courier service a much less difficult prospect because you add users easily when it’s time to scale up operations.

When you’re ready to add more users and also grow your business reach, look to the VirtualPBX 500 and 1000 plans to increase your included calling minutes and add features like ACD Queues and Call Recording. These extra features are here to help smaller businesses grow their base and become more robust when handling additional call traffic. With VirtualPBX 300, you won’t pay for what you don’t need, but your business phone plan will be as stout as any small business can expect.

Pick Your Unlimited VoIP Service

Each of these unlimited VoIP service options make a great starting place for businesses. You can begin with one plan that fits your needs now, and as you grow, you can always switch to a different plan with more features. Starting is easy; upgrading is fast.

Start a chat today to discuss your needs and get signed up.

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