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Find the Best Call Center Phone and Headset for Your Business

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Find the Best Call Center Phone and Headset for Your Business

With thousands of options available, you may have a hard time finding the best call center phone and headset for your business. We’ll keep this post simple.

In the following sections, you’ll find three choices (and a bonus) for the best call center phones and headsets available in the VirtualPBX store. Individual links are also provided for each device.

Follow these links to get started:

  1. Best Call Center Phone on a Budget
  2. Best Headset on a Budget
  3. Best Phone for Management
  4. Free, Full-Featured VirtualPBX Web Phone

Top Call Center Phone on a Budget

Yealink SIP-T21P E2Our choice for the best call center phone on a budget is the Yealink SIP-T21P E2, which is available for only $44.99. That low price, however, doesn’t mean this call center phone leaves out important features.

Two of the most important aspects for any good call center phone is its codec support and headset attachment capability.

The T21P supports the Opus codec, which is a popular, open-source codec that supports narrowband and wideband frequencies – all while remaining low on bandwidth consumption. This makes it extremely versatile and great for use in crowded networks like call centers. In short, the T21P can provide clear audio without overloading your call center’s bandwidth availability.

Additionally, the T21P provides a headset port, so agents can attach their headphones/microphones to the base unit. They will retain the ability to use all the buttons on the phone but will otherwise keep their hands free when taking calls.

Best Call Center Headset on a Budget

Plantronics SupraPlus HW261NOur pick for the best call center headset on a budget is the Plantronics SupraPlus HW261N. It’s available for only $89.99 through our store.

Call center agents should be able to wear the HW261N without fatigue. It weighs only 86 grams, but still supports wideband audio formats and includes noise canceling through its microphone.

This noise canceling headset with microphone pairs with many styles of phones and computers, so call centers of all types can find something to like about this device.

Top Call Center Phone for Manager

Yealink SIP-W60PWhile call center agents usually stay at their desks when answering calls, managers may need to carry phones around the office floor. That’s why we want to highlight the Yealink SIP-W60P, at $149.99, as our choice for the best phone for a call center manager.

The W60P, like the T21P, supports the Opus codec. It can operate for as many as 30 hours of talk time. And a 10-minute charge can recharge the handset with two hours of talk time.

Managers can also take advantage of the W60P’s support for eight concurrent calls. Additionally, a single base station (the W60B) can provide service to eight handsets (the W56H). Our link presented here includes the base station and handset in a single package.

Free, Full-Featured VirtualPBX Web Phone

VirtualPBX Web PhoneOne alternative to hardware phones that many businesses are trying is the browser-based phone. All VirtualPBX Phone Plans come with our free Web Phone that works as a full replacement for a desk phone.

Web Phone works in the Chrome and Firefox web browsers, so it can run on any computer a call center agent has access to. It can receive inbound calls and complete outbound calls. It also has access to the full range of VirtualPBX system features – the most appealing for call centers being ACD Queues.

What’s the Best Phone for You?

There are a multitude of call center phone choices available for new and existing call centers. While this list isn’t long, it does provide some viable options for any business looking for reliable devices.

Our presented hardware above gives agents and managers the ability to process calls without breaking the bank. And if you choose VirtualPBX as your VoIP service provider, Web Phone is a great pick for easy setup and the tightest of budgets.

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