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VirtualPBX Wins 2022 Product Award

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VirtualPBX Wins 2022 Product Award

Product of the YearVirtualPBX is excited to announce that we received a product award for 2022. Fist bumps for everyone! Getting recognized for the Internet Telephony Product of the Year Award for the ninth year is a testament to the hard work of the VirtualPBX teams. For those new to the scene, Internet Telephony has been the IP Communications Authority since 1998, providing unbiased views of the complicated converged communications space.

2022 Product Award Highlights

Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC, the publisher of Internet Telephony Magazine, recognized VirtualPBX for its dedicated contributions to delivering inspiring solutions for telecommunications.

“I am honored to recognize VirtualPBX with a 2022 Product of the Year Award for its commitment to excellence and innovation. In the opinion of our judges and editorial team, VirtualPBX has proven to be among the best communications and technology solutions available on the market. I look forward to continued leadership from VirtualPBX.”

What Our Products Stand For

VirtualPBX has demonstrated its impact in the industry by continually updating and improving its services, and this year is no exception. In January, we molded our business phone plan offerings to better cater to remote workers and the changing face of work for companies large and small. These plans have elevated how VirtualPBX customers use the service, offering free trials and more features.

Product Features Banner Image

Yes, we are still offering free trials. What is cool is that our 14-day free trial lets you add users and devices, make calls, and test different features. Access to benefits like Auto Attendant, Email to Fax, Call Recording, SMS, Video Conferencing, and much more.

Future of 2022

After over 20 years in business, VirtualPBX shows no signs of changing its focus on providing exceptional customer support. Our motivation is prompted by our dedication to constantly improving the VirtualPBX experience. Our Chief Operating Officer Lon Baker expands on this:

“We are delighted to have won the 2022 Product of the Year. It is a fantastic achievement to be recognized for all the hard work here at VirtualPBX. But to be the best means ensuring customers achieve their best. We exist to make their business better.”

Being an award-winning leader in business communications, VirtualPBX looks forward to continuing on this path with more upcoming changes that will redefine how VirtualPBX customers communicate in 2022.

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