Phone Compatibility: VoIP Cell Phones, Desktop Phones, Computers, and More

Nerds Support cites mobility as a number two reason businesses switch to VoIP – and for good reason! While desktop phones are a great solution when all employees are in a single location, most modern businesses require phone compatibility extend to multiple locations and VoIP cell phones. VirtualPBX prides itself on letting customers work wherever they choose with solutions that grant both brick and mortar as well as business cell phone service. 

Phone Compatibility: VoIP Cell Phones, Desk Phones, and More

VoIP Desktop Phone Compatibility

Your virtual office can be anywhere you plug a VoIP phone into a broadband connection. Even if you’re not sure about the difference between VoIP phones and analog phones, basically any VoIP phone will work. We have an extensive list of phones that can be simply auto-provisioned through your online portal, but provisioning any phone won’t be a problem, even if it’s not listed.

You can even extend phone compatibility to use analog phones with VoIP adapters, and we offer a large selection of VoIP phones for rent, too.

Video Conferencing Phone Compatibility

Use Desktop Phones, Mobile Devices, Tablets, or Computers, Too!

Obviously, desktops or laptop computers are just as capable of connecting to the internet as mobile devices. Less obvious, though, is that means they’re also just as capable of keeping you connected to your office phone. As far as phone compatibility goes, you may have a VoIP cell phone already without realizing!

Web Phone

Make crystal clear calls from anywhere with the VirtualPBX Web Phone right through your Chrome or Firefox web browser. Built on Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC), all you need to do is add the Web Phone to your user profile and login in using your credentials. No software download or additional business cell phone service needed, plus listen to voicemails, transfer calls, and access call history as you would on any other device!

VirtualPBX Softphone for Mobile and Desktop

Because the total suite of advanced features and phone compatibility that people love about VoIP are all hosted in the cloud, when you use the VirtualPBX Softphone, they can all be routed through your mobile phone or computer, as well. 

Call Forwarding

Receive calls on your existing mobile phone or landline without sacrificing your personal phone number with Call Forwarding. Forward calls on any VirtualPBX Business Phone Plan at no extra cost to you.

Phone Compatibility: Use VoIP Cell Phones, Desk Phones, and Any Mix of Devices

VirtualPBX gives you the freedom to mix and match your business communications devices with VoIP tools that allow you to be anywhere your customers need you, like Follow Me Calling. You’ll save money on your phone bill by dropping the phone company’s expensive landlines which don’t offer the phone compatibility you need and choosing our award-winning VoIP phone service. Take a look at our business phone plans in the table below to determine which plan would be best for you!

Unsure about which plan to choose? Not to worry! You can chat with one of our Sales Specialists now to discuss your options.

“Local” includes the United States of America (50 states including Alaska and Hawaii as well as Puerto Rico), Canada, and Mexico.

Dash is available for customers in the USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, France, and the Philippines. If you’re located outside of the countries listed, please contact our Sales Team because we may be able to offer another option or information on our expansion roadmap.

Allowed concurrent calls is based on plan: Starter (5), Flex (10), Pro (15), and Premier (20).