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CML Security Connects to Customers With VirtualPBX Dash

CML Security LogoCML Security, an installer of security equipment at locations like prisons, courthouses, schools, and hospitals, uses the VirtualPBX Dash phone system in an unremarkable manner. Nearly 100 employees in a half-dozen offices across the U.S. complete inbound and outbound calls to clients daily for sales and system maintenance concerns.

Through this ordinary use, however, CML shows exactly what most businesses desire in their phone systems: consistency and usability.

Scott Moore, IT Generalist at CML, confirmed this exact sentiment when he echoed to VirtualPBX his configuration of the company phone system and individual handsets: “We set it up, and it just goes. I have no problems with the system.”

“The call quality is clear, and the system works well.”

Steady As She Goes

CML has been a VirtualPBX customer since 2015. At the outset, it used the legacy VirtualPBX vConsole platform that is now being phased out in favor of Dash, which offers customers many new voice features and an entirely new dashboard.

Customers now enjoy the use of Ring Groups, the free, fully-functional Web Phone, and use of 4G LTE, among other options unavailable on vConsole. Dash’s interface also makes it easier to add/modify users, manage voicemail boxes for individuals/groups, manage multiple company phone numbers, and gain an overview of the users, devices, numbers, and modifications made within the system.

Dash vs vConsole Comparison

Moore was hands-on with the VirtualPBX team in CML’s upgrade to Dash, so he’s made the full journey from vConsole daily use to Dash daily use.

His comments about setup and consistent use are a comment on Dash.

And his reaction to the change in dashboard and layout?

“I like the Dash interface better [than vConsole],” he said. “It’s more visual and laid out a lot better.”

From a self-proclaimed jack of all tech trades – “I do everything IT here in the company… support; repairing printers; new phone system users,” Moore said – VirtualPBX considers that high praise.

The Transition Process

Yealink T23GCML started with VirtualPBX at its Erie, CO location and completed its upgrade of 44 phones in 2019.

“We receive calls mostly from people in the field,” Moore said about CML’s typical use of the phone system. Connecting with customers at that Colorado location, his midsize office reaches customers through both inbound and outbound calls every day.

Many individual employees have their own desk phones, Yealink T23G’s, that VirtualPBX shipped during the upgrade process. In addition to adding each T23G to the new system, VirtualPBX engineers also transferred a collection of Polycom IP6000 conference phones that CML wished to continue using in Dash.

All the new Yealink phones automatically connected to VirtualPBX servers for quick provisioning once they were plugged in. Each Polycom was also recognized by Dash and added to the new system by the VirtualPBX team.

Dash improves upon vConsole in this manner because it has a higher compatibility with IP phones on the market. It can automatically provision many phone models and, furthermore, works better with that hardware once it’s installed. Across the board, hardware buttons work natively with Dash more often so users can, for instance, hit the Transfer button to take that action.

For CML, this higher compatibility and automatic provisioning meant that the upgrade process involved no downtime in the company’s service and increased hardware performance when the task was complete.

Improvement From Past Systems

The use of vConsole and Dash are viewed as steps in the right direction.

Before 2015, CML used a different supplier for its phone system.

CML was limited to using only 10 phones at the Colorado office. Furthermore, Moore hinted, the call quality and reliability of that service was not often what employees expected. Given their representation of a national supplier and leader in their market, they wanted something better.

With VirtualPBX, Moore said, “we’ve had no issues like ‘the phones sound awful’ or ‘the system isn’t working like it should.’”

The Dash platform just works. Moreover, it reaches beyond its own bounds by integrating with services like Zapier and connecting to CRM software like Salesforce – integrations unavailable on vConsole.

Spanning Multiple Locations

Now CML is expanding the role of Dash in its national workplace.

VirtualPBX is adding CML’s San Antonio office to its Dash plan and moving 16 phones in the process. By the end of this transition, 21 phones from that office will join the ranks.

CML will be able to manage both locations from a single account, improving the company’s visibility into its multi-location phone system.

Giving Customers the Best

Of course, VirtualPBX is excited to have CML as an enthusiastic customer and for Moore to share his sentiments about Dash and the future of his company.

“VirtualPBX is a customer service-driven company,” Moore said in parting. “I’ve had nothing but good luck and quick response when necessary.”

CML is, however, just one part of the overall upgrade process for VirtualPBX. Eventually all vConsole customers will make their way to Dash, so it’s important for VirtualPBX to replicate these positive reflections many times over.

VirtualPBX does this by making upgrades as simple as possible for businesses. Its upgrade team brings the experience of thousands of accounts to tasks like provisioning phones, adding users to the new system, and checking phone numbers and extensions for proper configuration.

As Moore and others can attest, Dash is working for them with respect to features and in exceeding the ease of use from their existing vConsole subscriptions.

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